Smooth Pheromone Cologne for Men

Smooth Pheromone Cologne for Men

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Smooooooooooth operator.

He's a smooooth oper-a-tor.

So said Sade in her 1990 megahit of the same name.

And we? We have a megahit of our own we'd like to share with you.

Sade described a slick irresistible, infallible guy who melts hearts and walls. Picture yourself invincibly chocolatey smooth.

Now you got the idea.

Smooth is based on THE bestselling experimental formula of all time.

It was tested over the course of 11 years, with people of all ages and races, in over 30 countries around the world.

Let me tell you folks, this formula will bring you success in many situations you encounter, as you will soon see.

For a very limited time, we are sending 2 bottles for the price of one. Each stick has a slightly different tweak to the base formula, and we want to know which one works better for you! 

Here's what our expert panel have to say about Smooth's formula:

I feel suave, assured, sure in the knowledge that yes I'm worth it

"2 sprays, 1 to each side of the neck. The first thing the hit me was the gorgeous  smell. Lasted most of my working day too. I notice a slight buzz from the pheros. I'm feeling really good, very calm, confidant in myself. Just a really easy confidence that is not trying too hard because it knows it doesn't need to. When I see a woman walking by I think yeah I could have her but I'm not bothered either way if I do or don't because I know I can have any woman I want today. I feel suave, assured, sure in the knowledge that yes I'm worth it. I'm also feeling more sexual today. I'm getting the horn.

"I talk to a 50 something woman while I deliver to her work. She seems really interested in me today. Once her eyes are locked onto mine she hardly lets go of my gaze. There is physical closeness there too. She kind of follows me around as I'm about to leave with a smile on her face and that constant eye contact. I'm not even trying hard with her. Things just flow and she is liking it.

"As I'm getting into my van a really pretty blonde walks past. She must have noticed me walking out of the shop because as I walk from behind the van she is looking directly into my eyes from a distance. As she walks past I look again and she gives an expression when she thinks I'm not looking that I can't quite figure out. She raises her eyebrows and smiles to herself. I don't think she was close enough to get a whiff of the pheros. But I'm walking the walk today. My stance is confidant, my stride sure and straight, my manner direct and positive and I think this is what she picks up on. Kind of like: Oooh, who is that guy.

"I walk along a path that is only big enough for one. Normally if there is someone coming I would let them by. Today I keep on going and make the other guy wait. When I get to the top he thanks me. Should have been the other way around.

"I deliver to another place where I talk with two woman separately but one after the other. The first keeps smiling, seems really pleased to see me but deferential. The next seems slightly nervous around me which would normally never happen as she's a good bit older than me and if anything I'm usually the shy one. Speaking about my shyness, where has it gone today? I'm really giving off an aura that I'm pretty important today. Different to when I wear A314 though. For me this mix has some serious sexual undertones. People are looking at me when I pass a lot more than usual, laughing hard at my not very funny jokes. I'm getting smiles from others who stop what they are doing and look as I walk by. I seem to have some star appeal. Maybe this formula could be named Instant Movie Star."

I felt important, like the Don of a mafia family. Women literally invaded my personal space.

"It was very sexy and powerful and made me seem much more important than I was. Sometimes it is difficult to explain exactly how a pheromone mix effected a person without sounding like every mix is the same. The difference is definitely in the details.

"I went to an outdoor festival earlier today and decided that even though it was a horrible venue for trying something new, my curiosity got the better of me.

"I'd picked up a single stick of Smooth. In the parking lot I sprayed on 1 spray to each side of my neck and one split between the wrists. I don't normally start testing at 3 sprays but it was outdoors and I was concerned about diffusion. It was slightly windy but not bad and I had the bottle in my pocket in case I felt like putting more on.

"Self effects- Immediately felt that wonderful RUSH that I get sometimes with pheromone products. The closest thing it reminded me of was the bottle of Heavy Ammo I have but that isn't quite it either. I felt strong and confident without the 'HULK SMASH' feeling that I get with too much androstenone.

"I couldn't believe the way this stuff seemed to pretty much immediately affect the people around me. LOTS of head turning from the women along with the classic Deer In Headlights looks. Men parted like the red sea after they'd catch wind of the Smooth. Unbelievable. I'm getting pretty used to over the top hits but this was ridiculous. Just for the ego inflation this could cause I think it'd be dangerous for me to wear too often.

"I had mad respect from the guys (there are 2 guys who are very nice but also VERY type 'A') who looked to me for everything like I was the man in charge and my approval was live or die to them.

"Women in general seemed very comfortable around me but at the same time I felt like Brad Pitt in that women not only wanted to be by me, they also kept getting entirely too close. Granted these are women I know but they have NEVER gotten this frisky with me in front of their husbands/boyfriends. I got boobed more times today than I did when I used to go to strip clubs. The place wasn't THAT crowded where we had to share personal space. A few times I was literally getting uncomfortable as a woman pressed her chest into me and put her head on my shoulder. 'You always smell so good.' *sigh* (Hubby is standing 3 feet away looking like he's just happy to be around me).

"I went to walk around and look at some of the vendor booths and I found myself with an entourage. 5 people who just wanted to walk with me and talk to me while I was walking. I felt like I had a protection detail with me. All standing entirely too close and just wanting to be around me.

"Afterwards I'd gone to a friends house to drop off a DVD (actually it was more about testing this stuff indoors). Her boyfriend who normally doesn't like me was beyond polite. Offered me a beer (never before). She was happy to see me but again it was almost immediately that she seemed to get sort of intimidated but fascinated like she couldn't resist getting close to me. This was about 5 hours after the initial application. It has been about 6 hours now and I can still smell the stuff- not to mention that I still feel large and in charge.

"A lot of the personal space (or lack of) reminded me a lot of heavy doses of Pheromone P83. This is a mix that I would LOVE if I went to the clubs more. I felt like a rock star or a head of state. Head of state would be more appropriate. I felt powerful and people seemed to perceive me as some powerful yet sexy alpha man. I don't know that I would want to try wearing this at work.

"Fun mix but more about comfort and being valued than sexual. Can be steered that way but not the primary focus. More like being a rock star. Everyone loves you because you are just so damn cool.

"This stuff is more like being the Don of a mafia family or the head of a country where you are a rich, powerful, alpha male who people respect and because you command respect, you are totally sexy to the opposite sex.

"I loved it but since it was a retro release it must not have done much for others.

"Maybe it is like a fine wine. This got WAY better with age. I was actually getting overwhelmed by the attention I was receiving from this. I think I'm going to set this one aside for a while because I think it could be worth its weight in platinum. Never thought I'd say that I was frightened to wear something but I am a bit more reserved now. I want to wait for a truly golden moment like if I meet the President (or Ashley Greene)."

VIP. She flashed me her undies as she got up. I was treated as I was more important than I am.

"I love this stuff. I had a meeting today that was important to expanding my business. I was meeting with a man and a woman and had a tough time deciding which of the 800 or so Androtics products I own was going to be the one to get my foot in the door. I decided on Smooth based on my past experiences with it. Both men and women seem to be positively affected.

"About a half an hour before my meeting I sprayed on 4 (yup you read that correctly) sprays of good ol' Smooth. 1 to each side of the neck and 1 to the top of each hand. What a rush! I get to my meeting and as we are sitting in a small room talking, I can see the Smooth affecting them both. He went from being rather standoffish to acting like he was the one trying to make the good impression. She was polite to begin with but started twirling her hair at me and leaning way forward. I made a point of keeping my hands in front of me to help diffuse the pheros and it seemed to work. We talked for about 45 minutes and then I was asked to wait outside.

"As I stand next to the receptionist I got a DIHL from her (cute, hispanic, ~30) and I am told, 'Oh! You smell really good!' Sniffing me some more. I get invited to sit down and she drags the chair over so I'm next to her desk as opposed to sitting in the waiting area. 10 minutes of talking to her and she was doing something I don't normally pay attention to but here it was blatant. She was mirroring my movements. It is actually kind of creepy even though I know it is supposed to be a good thing. She would get a phone call and while she's on the phone she would kink her neck so she could watch me when she didn't think I was looking. She got up to get coffee and I KNOW she realized she'd flashed me a view of her blue undies up her skirt when she got up. Trust me, no way does a woman spread her skirt wide so it rides up as she's standing unless she is trying to be less than coy about things.

"Funny thing, I have talked about how Smooth seems to impart a sense that the wearer is some sort of VIP. She seemed to think that I was some barracuda as opposed to a little minnow. I was pretty honest about myself but she didn't care. She thought I was funny (I'm telling you guys- if you can make a woman laugh with you, she is yours.) For the record, would I have been as cocky and straightforward with this woman had I not been wearing 4 sprays of liquid courage? Not on your life.

"After making me wait about 15 minutes I get let back into the office and told that I got what I was asking for. YAY!!! Now, I'd like to think it was my well thought out business plan and upstanding demeanor but I have a feeling that the Smooth helped things along a bit. I saw it working to make me seem more valuable to them than I really am."

She was glued to me.

"Gave this a try again 3 sprays again. Bar

"I really like this scent, great for this cooler weather starting around here.

"So one note about this guy that was with a girl I got stuck bringing home a few weeks ago. He is one of those guys you need to feel out, tats, buzzed head, and very alpha type. He did want to kick some guys ass for talking to his girl! At first not fond of me after about 2-4 mins I was a swell guy and someone that should hook up with his sister. Later found out from her- not his sister.

"She was glued to me and I had to tell her to go dance with her girlfriends or she would not have left my side. Now she is a very cute girl 38 blonde hair if some guys see her they would be all over her. I am 31 looking for someone closer to my age and does not have ties to the Pagans motorcycle gang!!

"I left that place and second place I had a few strong looks but not to much going on and too many guys and had to leave."

She loved my "power cologne" and gave me a hickey where I applied the spray

"I'd sprayed Smooth on before heading to my date's house. She is 28 and hispanic. Drive was approximately 20 minutes. When I got there she was waiting and got into the car. She commented on how much she liked my 'power' cologne. She thought it smelled like something a CEO would wear. Very quickly got very flirty and lots of hair twirling and crossing of legs.

"At D & B she was on me like glue- practically hanging on me. I thought two hispanic guys in their early 20's were going to start a problem because she was with me but after talking to me for about 2 minutes they started getting submissive. It was WILD to watch. At about the 2 1/2 hour after application mark I threw on two more sprays this time to the opposite side of my neck and split between my wrists. The additional sprays seemed to really set her off where she seemed to be getting more aroused. The Smooth seems to disinhibit me as well as anyone around me because I suggested we leave. She happily agreed. During the 40 minute drive back it was as if she was having trouble containing herself. She told me she needed to get back to her house (she still lives with her family) so we ended up parking down the block and I felt like a teenager again. I didn't realize until after we'd fogged up the windows that she'd given me a hicky on the spot where my first spray of Smooth had been. What a night.

"Effects on others
Seemed to be more than 'just' sexual- I got a text from her today telling me how much she appreciated that I was such a gentleman (Hmmm... If I was a gentleman I'd hate to see the guys she normally goes out with). We have nothing in common but she really felt like there was a strong connection between us. Texted me again about 25 minutes ago to thank me for a great night (again). For the record I had a lot of fun and I did respond to her texts."

I was the only one who got a compliment of all the people in my group. Serious respect!

"Positive effects on others (noticed hits):

"Upon reaching the bar, the barwoman (an attractive lady in her mid 30's) immediately says "you look really nice today...going out somewhere special?". There were others in my group, but I'm the only one who got a compliment.

"Quite a few people, friends and otherwise, were coming up to me saying "you look sharp", "you look slick", "I like your jacket" etc...

"Quite a few stares from people, men and women alike...possibly deer in headlights look, but could be just curiosity as well!

"SERIOUS AMOUNTS OF RESPECT! Inviting me to go to another club, people acting stupidly (in a bad way) around others but sharpening up in front of me, numerous handshakes (for no apparent reason).

"One person said that I remind her of "Hani Pasha"...for those of you who have seen the film "Body of Lies" (with Leo Di Caprio and Russell Crowe), you'll be familiar with the character I'm talking about.

"Love it! I believe that congruency is important here, this mix...the "HANI PASHA" mix, is for people who want to portray a certain vibe. I agree with other reporters in the "head of state" or "don corleone" vibe that this mix radiates. You certainly can't float around in a scruffy t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops with this mix and expect to see'll just confuse people "


I overwhelm them in a good way

"I've seen younger women in particular blush rather profusely. I really think when this happens that they are attracted and you overwhelmed them in a good way. Most get rather shy for a moment until you get them to open up and then they are really attached (human velcro).

"I felt like a mafia Don when I had it on. I've had experiences where people who felt themselves at least equal (if not superior) to me became much more deferential when I'm wearing this. I have a feeling that they were just surprised you were 'lowering yourself' to their level. Just my take on it from my own Smooth experiences."

She's fixated on me and wants to shag me on the couch at the pub.

"Out for Sunday sippers with my GF and her old gym friends whom we catch up with every 6 weeks or so. Have had some big hits from one of them before wearing Shine and A314.

"So, 4 girls, one guy, plus yours truly and GF. They are all mid to late 20s aside from myself and a 40 yo old woman.

"Early on we sat outside in the beer garden. Diffusion issues here. The one thing of note was the strawberry blonde stretching her legs under the table and resting her feet on mine repeatedly.

"The first attributable hit relates to the bar girl. She was probably early 30s and had that dead set bitchy "I'm so hot don't anyone bother talking to me" thing going on. To the MAX! Her customer service was appalling -- no smiles, just an annoyed expression the whole time she served everyone, including me the first two times I went to the bar.

"The more times I visited, though, and the more she copped, the friendlier she became -- chatting, smiling, singing a little whilst pouring my beer. But then straight back to miserable with everyone else. She even smiled and waved goodbye to me when she finished her shift. I should point out that I did nothing to bring her out either -- just asked for my drink and thanked her each time --  no attempted chit chat. Purely Smooth here I think.

"We moved indoors as it was a little chilly and picked a booth on the wall. Now I've got strawberry blonde and the 40yo playing footsies with me. Now this wasn't a hitting on me thing, but I found it odd that both kept doing it even when I brought it to the whole table's attention.

"But there is obviously more to Smooth than respect.

"One of the girls with us is the other guy's girlfriend. I've only met her once before - nice enough lass...

"Today she seems a little fixated with me. As in every time I glance at her she is staring at me. I catch her continually all throughout the afternoon. She is snuggled in against her BF but staring at me... and I mean intently staring, not just looking.

"Strawberry keeps giving me the shy look downward whenever we talk as well but I think she has some residual attraction from the last times we've met.

"Final hit came from my "these things don't work, especially on me, GF". Yes she'd had a couple of drinks, but certainly not usual for her to try and drag me off into a corner and ask me to shag her on a couch. this was still at the Pub, by the way, lol."

Conversation flowed naturally with my date

"I'd planned on wearing another formula to this coffee shop date but as I opened my pheromone draw an untested bottle of Smooth jumped out at me and I couldn’t resist. I wanted an alpha vibe so it seemed an appropriate choice. I sprayed a spray to either side of my neck and I was ready to go. It has a nice scent, there is no denying it. For dull, rainy old England it seemed the better choice than an exotic fragrance.

"I left to make the drive to my female friends house and then onto town. The external stimuli and focus that driving creates seems to take focus away form yourself and therefore any pheromone self effects. Driving immediately after applying pheromones – like I did after applying the Smooth - is a sure way not to feel self effects. Having said that, I did feel much calmer at slow drivers and traffic.

"When I arrived at her house, she came out and hopped in my car. The very first thing she said was “WHAT IS THAT SMELL”, I said “what smell” and she said she could smell “musky perfume”. I knew it was the scent that had filled the enclosed car she could smell but the pheromones that she was reacting to. Something had hit her hard, this mix is an instant head turner. She kept mentioning my smell the entire date.

"We didn’t end up going for a coffee, instead we browsed a few shops, popped to look at what jobs were available in the job centre and then had lunch in the local weather spoons. Whenever we were in a place for anymore than a couple of minutes I would notice a lot of stares in my direction from girls of all ages, I was astonished at how far this mix reached out to people (about 10 feet) it is a very quick and instant hitting mix.

"One hit I received several months ago was a girl burying her head in my neck telling me I smell amazing, etc, then immediately reaching into her bag to get her perfume out and cover herself in it. I received the very same hit today - different girl, different mix. I think this hit occurs when the mix is very overt and obvious. When the girl is feeling aroused and very attracted in a way which she can directly relate to being caused by your cologne, she then wants to do the same to you (arouse you with what she thinks is just cologne) so reaches for her perfume.

"Great date. I don’t have time to go into detail but there was lots of sexual eye contact, lots of her reaching out to briefly touch my arm. Conversation flowed naturally, both of us in a great mood. Got great hits of her and great hits from girls at distance and passing.

"I feel Smooth creates arousal and attraction as with sophisticated overtones. Despite being a head turner and an instant hitting mix it seems user friendly and suitable as day wear, I feel there is less of an overdose factor. From my first test I would say that MX297 is a high androstenone mix, which is hard and quick hitting but with no signs of any OD."

I lost count of all the stares I get. All the attention was on me

"So many stares and DIHL that I've lost count, quite a bit of hair twirling and pupil dilation (I was especially looking for that, since that is a subconsious sign of attraction that is very difficult to hide), girls coming up to talk to me that had previously shown very little interest whatsoever. It was the first time my fiancee had met this particular group of friends and whenever they talked to us, all the attention was on me. Even when I went around introducing her to some of the other couples, the other girl's attention was on me."

She stuck her tongue in my ear.. and tasted my brain.

"Picked up my friend and he talked and acted as he usually does, during the car ride there. Got there and had to wait in line for about a half hour to get in. Directly in front of us in line were two REALLY hot latina girls. After about 10-15 minutes of waiting, I noticed one of them would keep looking back at me, DIHL, then turn back around. Literally right before I talk to her, my friend hits on the other one and gets shot down (she was acting bitchy though) so I just passed on it. Made some small talk with a few other girls in line, but nothing crazy there. Finally got inside and grabbed a few drinks before the concert started.

"For a couple hours before the main show, they played a whole bunch of club and party music. Everyone was in front of the stage dancing, talking, drinking, having fun. Talked to some girls. They seemed really interested, but a little hesitant. Got some more drinks, talked to some people I recognized, then went to the restroom and gave myself 1.5 refresher sprays (first shot kinda missed). I thought that maybe because there were so many people around and people were smoking, that more was needed, which is why I used a refresher. Went back out there and a little while later this group of girls comes up and stands right behind me. I was moving to the beat, having a good time, and one of the girls starts rubbing my arm. I turn around and it's a cougar. She says "Do you mind if I rub up on you?", to which I reply "I'm not gonna stop you". Her friends are right there though and one of them (who I found out later was 28) was verrrrry cute and was looking me up and down and smiling while her friend molested me. I start talking to the cute one and I'm getting IOIs left and right. Hair flipping, rubbing her chest, moving closer to me, putting her hand on my chest while leaning in to talk to me, biting and licking her lips, the works. The entire time I'm talking to this girl, the cougar is still goin' at it, and letting her hands wander all over my body, and I mean ALL OVER my body. Some grabs that I just wasn't expecting. I just think it's hilarious that this woman is doing all this while me and her friend are flirting with each other, and it doesn't phase either of them one bit.

"So the night goes on, concert starts up, and throughout the entire night both the cute girl and the cougar are rubbing all over me.

"At one point the cougar straight up tells me "I want to blow you" and sticks her tongue in my ear (this lady tasted my brain). I kind of just ignored it, but she kept kissing the back of my neck and stuff like that. At this point I was kind of just putting up with her to get to her cute friend, so without being a total a-hole, I blew her off and all focus was put on the cute one. I'm going to try to keep the rest of this short because it's a long enough post already. Cute girl told me they were from Ohio and they came to Detroit just for the night for the concert. I told her we needed to hangout after the concert, got her number, made out with her a whole bunch, then she left to tend to the cougar, who at this point was retardedly drunk. The concert was at a casino, so me and my friend gambled a little bit afterwards and then I called the girl up to see where they were at. She told me they were going to a different casino (don't know why) and I told her I'd call her later. Me and my friend went and got a bite to eat and I texted her after. She told me her friends were "being bitches" and wouldn't wait for her if me and her hung out, so they were already on their way back home to ohio. I don't care though, it was a hell of a night and I had enough fun to last me weeks (which is good because I have so much studying to do that's the next time I'll probably be going out)."


Smooth is now shipping in the new double sized Swiss made, 10mL bottle with 70 uses. A new bottle was one of the top requests made in customer surveys. Read about the new bottle on the blog.

The typical user uses 2 sprays, meaning if you or wife or girlfriend really love this stuff, you get a little over a month of use.

The weekend user (Friday and Saturday), on the other hand, can actually get a little more than 8 months of use. Wow! The new UV C blocking glass makes sure your formula stays good all this time.

For a super limited time (and in the spirit of the holidays!), we’re temporarily keeping the price the same as when it was in the half size bottle.

We’re not 100% sure if we’re going to limit this to numbers of sales or what. As we deeply consider this issue and contemplate our navels, you can take advantage of our temporarily weakened state.

In short, if you’ve been considering Smooth — now is an amazing time!

Also for a limited time, you also get a 5mL test “B bottle” for science included.

You get another 40 uses, which is typically 20 days worth.

This contains a test variation of the formula. 

It’s like just going to an eye doctor. “Is A or B better?”

Let us know which formula is the biggest winner for you, and we’ll keep improving the formula with time.

The test bottle comes in plastic 5mL bottle for US users, and glass for international (as the glass better withstands long distance travel).

We’re probably going to start charging a nominal fee for these test bottles soon to improve feedback quality... so get ‘em while you can!

After you check out Smooth, click on New Releases to see other fresh surprises we have in store for you!