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Raw Power - Intense & Uninhibited Masculine Energy - Pheromone Oil for Men

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Raw Power - Intense & Uninhibited Sexual Masculine Energy - Pheromone Oil for Men 

Raw Power!
Unscented Androstenone Pheromone Oil

Primal Instinct is one of the most popular androstenone pheromone products on the market.

It provides benefits that many men enjoy, but at the same time, it has several deep design flaws that prevent most men from fully enjoying the potential of the androstenone pheromone.

I've addressed all of these flaws with Raw Power pheromone oil.

I'll outline the flaws and each of my solutions step by step in just a moment.

First, if you're new to the world of pheromones, I bet you might be asking yourself...

"What is androstenone and how can I use it?"

Androstenone is one of the most powerful male pheromones.

It is the most sexual pheromone for men, ever.

If pheromones were rated on a scale from light to dark, the "darkest" would be androstenone. 

It's the Dark Knight. Strong, fearless, and charged with intense energy.

Androstenone is highly polar, usually inspiring either love or hate, or lust or disgust.

Sounds negative, but the fact is that emotional polarity is powerful. Howard Stern is a great example.

Howard Stern was amazed to learn that listeners who clam to "hate" him, actually listen to him twice as long as normal viewers.

Love or hate, lust or disgust... at least you're getting a reaction! The thing that really kills is not being paid attention to at all.

There's a famous quote that goes something like "Love me or hate me, just don't ignore me."

If the polarity effect bothers you, you can always lighten it with one or more of other products. Users have found success combing Raw Power with Alpha A314 (an older cool, calm and collected masculine vibe) and Instant Openness (makes people relax and open up), to name just two.

When using androstenone with other pheromone products, it's the androstenone adding the steam. The sex.

Androstenone affects you, too.

You may also finding yourself acting more aggressive while wearing androstenone, especially when worn near your own on your neck, behind your ears or on your chest. The closer it is to your nose, the more it'll affect you. 

If you tend to be shy or withdrawn, this can be a big benefit for you. It can really make you come out your shell. Virtually instant behavior modification.

However, if you're already too aggressive (or find yourself to be too aggressive wearing this product), simply wear it away from your own nose. Wrists are good application points for men who are too sensitive to androstenone.

So how does Raw Power outdo the king, Primal Instinct, at it's own game?

I'll outline different problems, and then our solutions. 

Primal Flaw #1:
 Instant Overdose

Through many years of use, independent pheromone enthusiasts have found that androstenone works best in doses up to 20 micrograms (also represented as mcg or ug). 

Primal isn't dosed at all by the company that creates it, but estimates always put the pheromone content per drop at well over 20mcg. 

The company that makes Primal simply put too much androstenone in there and not enough diluent (the fluid that the androstenone is diluted into).

This leads leads to less than optimal performance, as even a single drop of Primal puts you over the 20mcg optimum zone.

That's why the #1 complaint about Primal is "instant overdose".

Overdoses beyond 20mcg have been shown to create unnecessary stress, make people avoid you, or even treat you as if you weren't wearing pheromones at all. 

That's right, if you wear too many pheromones, some people's brains will go into "do not compute" mode and just disregard the pheromones entirely. That's a waste.

You just need the right amount of pheromones to work. There's a range. Too much can be far worse than too little.

Our solution to problem #1: 

Raw Power is the world's first and only truly dosed androstenone pheromone product, from the company that brought dosing to the world of pheromones. It gives you 10mcg per drop from it's medical grade glass dropper.

You can easily choose to use 10 or 20 mcg. Everyone's pheromone requirements are different, and your doses may vary depending on your needs.

For a club environment, you might do best wearing two drops.

For a date, one drop. 

You can even experiment with intentionally "overdosing" the androstenone, if you choose. 

Difference is, it'll be your decision - you won't be forced into against your will as you are with Primal.

For the first time, you'll also be able to communicate - with confidence - exactly how much androstenone you've used, either alone or in your personalized pheromone mixes. You and your friends can try using the same amounts, to see if you get the same effects.

Primal Flaw #2:

When we surveyed people as to what could be improved in a product competitive to Primal, they mentioned mixabilty.

This complaint about Primal made sense. 

When we tested Primal ourselves, the product appeared to be in a kind of mineral oil type base. 

The bottle of Primal we tested would mix with almost nothing. The Primal oil would float to the top of most oil mixtures, and wouldn't even mix with alcohol. 

To put it plainly, it was stubborn.

Our solution to problem #2: 

Raw Power uses a synthetic oil base that easily mixes into anything.

Mix it into other pheromone products.

Mix it into cologne.

Mix other pheromone products into it.

You can even mix a good deal of water into Raw Power to dilute it, before it comes out of solution (you'll notice if this happens, because you'll see literally millions of fine, white microsized molecule appear out of nowhere, eventually turning the solution milky). 

You can make a half-dosed 5mcg per drop solution without any problems by merely adding purified water. (Any distilled water from the grocery store will work fine)

Primal Flaw #3: 

The bottle of Primal we tested was in a pure oil base. Pure oil bases don't diffuse well - that is, they don't spread into the air rapidly or widely.

Our solution to problem #3: 

Our synthetic oil base was modified with a small amount of perfumer grade alcohol to allow greater diffusion, which gives your pheromones a greater chance of getting to your "targets".

There are also two "secrets" used to increase diffusion. One was discovered through my own exhaustive trial and error, in the same style Thomas Edison style invented the light bulb. The other was taken directly from the high powered perfume industry.

Both diffusion secrets help to move the pheromone molecules from your skin... to the air around you.

Problem #4:
 Getting the wrong number of drops... and getting them too fast or too slow!

huuuuge complaint from users is that drops take too long to come out of the Primal bottle, and when it starts, they often get 2 or 3, when they only intended to get one.

Our testing confirmed this.

Our solution to problem #4: 

We give you an actual medical grade glass dropper.

You can apply exactly how much you want, exactly where you want it without issues.

No more hoping you get the right amount. Instead, you simply get the right amount. Period.

Now some additional advantages...

Additional advantage #1:
 You get 5.4mg of androstenone per bottle versus Primal's 5mg.

At 20mcg per day, this bottle of androstenone will last you a whopping 378 days. 

That's more than an entire year, if you use the maximum dose of 2 drops a day for our recommended dosage schedule. That's 5 days wearing pheromones, with a 2 day hiatus every week to reduce pheromonal buildup.

If you're a one drop a day user, you'll see your bottle lasting over 2 years on our suggested schedule... 756 days, to be exact.

Raw Power is truly a good investment.

Additional advtange #2: 
Accurate information. We're not going to tell you to use androstenone everywhere, for all occasions. 

Remember the description of androstenone above? 

Androstenone is the DARKEST male pheromone known. Fact is, it's simply not appropriate at all times. It's useful in some contexts, but not all. 

Everybody at Androtics, myself included, are pheromone users and enthusiasts. As such, we're completely unique in the pheromone world - an industry rife with companies that don't believe in their own products. Instead, we're like a car company run by racers. We've tried everything, and are open and honest with our opinions. 

Bottom line: We'll tell you when not to use it, just as equally as we'll tell you when it may be most effective.

Additional advantage #3:
 User to user support through a manufacturer sponsored pheromone forum. 

There is no official support for Primal, or for most other pheromone products from any maker.


These are the suggestions you'll never read with Primal, which is advertised as being appropriate for almost all social contexts. It's not. The people who wrote their ads obviously never used pheromones. 

These suggestions are important. Please read every word.

First some warnings...

  • Do NOT use this for work or other normal "day time" activities, unless thoroughly counterbalanced with products such as Alpha A314 and Instant Openness to "lighten" the effect. Androsteone used alone in the quantity found in Raw Power is far too aggressive for most working environments, unless you are over 40 or 50 (see below)
  • Do NOT use around children for extended periods of time, unless thoroughly counterbalanced with products such as Alpha A314 and Instant Openess to "lighten" the effect. Many children are averse to high levels of androstenone.
  • Do NOT even bother with the purchase of Raw Power if you're already too intimdating to most people. It'll only increase your perceived intensity. You'll find much better luck with low-androstenone products.

Now for the "do's"....

  • DO use Raw Power on dates, especially 2nd, 3rd or 4th dates. Use more as you want to "Turn up the heat"(tm). 1 drop on the 2nd or 3rd, then 2 drops on the 4th. 
  • DO use RAW POWER to get attention at clubs. Androstenone is one of the most effective pheromones at commanding attention.
  • DO use RAW POWER when you want to present yourself as intense, and even physically powerful. Androstenone is a pheromone that communicates physical strength to others.
  • DO experiment with using RAW POWER in more social contexts when you're over 40 or 50. As you age, your hormonal output drops, and so do your pheromones. 
  • By 40 or 50, you may be ready to supplement with androstenone even in the day. By 70, most men have absolutely -no- pheromonal output.

    If you're in your 40s or middle age, you may elect to try 10 mcg in the day in your working environment. If it doesn't work, try something weaker. 
  • DO share your RAW POWER with your friends, but not your "competition". Pheromones can be powerful and very helpful. You could really help some of your friends by letting them in on your little "secret". You'll certainly impress them with your insider knowledge and access to the rare and unique technologies.