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Dominant female energy.

Queen formula radiates the energy signature of women that many are in awe of, but few can replicate -- especially in the modern era.

You become the matriarch that rules the roost, garners respect, and gets things done. The mother hen.

It began with customer requests

People asked us for a "dominant" or "alpha female" formula. Or they'll ask for a formulator that the "Alpha A314" formula grants to men, but for women instead.

It starts here, with Queen v1.0.

A word of caution and some usage tips

If you yell at people wearing Queen, they really feel it.

We hear from men that being on the receiving end of ire feels "oppressive".

Yes, it may seem like a feminist's dream come true, and in many ways it is, but make sure they deserve it. Remember, men actually have feelings, too. (they just tend to hide them)

If you already have a very assertive personality, Queen will take that to the next level. We recommend using a maximum of 1 spray. If you want to try "wearing" the opposite persona you usually wear, try Kitten.

If you have a naturally softer personality, you may especially enjoy the difference Queen makes. It's like wearing clothes you never wear. Donning a persona you never have a chance to try on.

For softer personalities, 1 or 2 sprays per day should be fine. If it works well for you, you should only experiment with more once you get used to what just 1 or 2 sprays does for you. Don't "skip ahead" with Queen. Be cautious at first. Slow and steady wins the race.


The initial batch of Queen v1.0 is lightly scented with our Vanilla Dream scent, a very youthful vanilla mix that helps the human pheromones gain more distance.

This is not used at full perfume strength, so it won't interfere with other scents you may use (or not use). While it smells strong when first applied, after dry down, this will smell more like the scent left from a strong hair conditioner, more than a perfume.

Will there be unscented?

It is very difficult to make "performance" pheromone formulas that do not have added fragrances. The fragrances allow these to work better in a number of environments. In fact, you can spray your own professional perfume over this pheromone mix, and you'll usually get even better results.

That said, we are working on the next version (version 2) of our "Nude" additives, which helped unfragranced pheromone formulas to work better. When it comes to low scent or no scent pheromones, it requires a lot of experimentation to get something that works at all, never mind works well. Stay tuned!

You get a second "B" test bottle, included free for a very limited time

There's a few ways to provide the "Queen Bee" type effect that many women desire, especially those with careers or large families that need a strong female presence.

That's why we're providing you with an alternate mix in a "B" bottle. Queen v1.0B. This has an alternate formula you may like as much or even more than the default bottle, Queen V1.0A.

After several weeks of receiving Queen, you'll receive a survey asking you how you liked each variation. Just let us know which one you like best, and why, and this will help us make your next bottle even better than your last.

This way, we girls get to work together to make the most effective formulas ever.

Techy details

Queen is provided in a deep black, Swiss made formula, which helps protect your formula. The plastic spray head is made in France, and even the dip tube free of BPA (and all harmful BPA alternatives).

Most women wear 1 to 2 sprays, applied to the same spray points that make perfume most diffusive to others. (all your "hot spots" that make scents easiest to smell)

That means if you use it daily, you get 1 to 2 months of use.

When means used just 2 days a week, that gives you 8 to 16 months of use.

Diffusion tips (getting the pheros to people near you)

If you're the type of person where perfumes smell loud and strong, you shouldn't have any problems with Queen.

However, not everyone is so lucky. For some of us, our "hot spots" don't get hot enough at the right times, or there's other little problems that get in the way of perfume "working" just right.

If that's you, here's two tips:

1. Try surreptitiously blowing on your application points when you're around someone you really want to affect. This way you're helping move the molecules from your skin tot he air around you at just the right times

2. If you really want to "get it out there" to people around you, you can try hair application. There's over 100,000 hairs on the average head, and hair is actually what nature uses to distribute the pheromones we make naturally. Perfect!

Well, almost perfect... for a strong headed formula such as Queen, try to only do this on days you're going to use shampoo at night. A multiple day buildup of Queen in your hair isn't going to be pleasant.