Mr. Charisma Pheromone For Men

Mr. Charisma Pheromone For Men

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New batch! New batch starts shipping 11/30. Now almost twice as many uses in the double sized, Swiss made 10ml spray bottle. This lasts a little over a month with daily use, or 9 months for people who use apply up to twice per week (weekend warriors).

Limited time offer: Mr. Charisma harnesses the power of P90, one of the rarest pheromone molecules. For a very limited time, Mr. Charisma includes a 35-use 5mL supply of P90 alone in Stealth. This is a half month supply when used at 2 sprays per day when used daily, or over a 4 month supply when used twice per week (weekend warrior style). This is something fun you can play around with during the holidays. Wear it alone or use it to create your own mixes!

Price Update: Mr. Charisma is now $20 more than last time, but it’s a better value with lower total cost as you get twice as much. If you use products like this slowly, you’re in extra luck, since the new black glass protects your formula far longer than any other type of bottle. Of course, if you order in time to receive the complimentary p90 bonus bottle — that more than makes up for it.

Mr. Charisma is based on one of our founder’s favorite test mixes, which itself was based on pheromone P90. He loved to alternate this with A314. 

We were heartbroken when the chemist that synthesized P90 died. A master chemist that arranges work with other chemists for us told us we’d likely never see P90 again due to the complexity of the synthesis. For rare organic chemicals, sometimes the best synthesis route dies with the chemist. Much art and science is lost with each passing. That’s simply a sad fact of the chemistry world.

Well, here we are, a full decade later, and a junior chemist has figured out how to synthesize P90. Yields are still low (the % of usable material they get from inputs), so costs are high. But the effects are still nothing short of marvelous.

This is the mix that has made others call one user “The most charismatic man I’ve ever met”, and variations of the same theme for others. That’s why we decided to call it Mr. Charisma. If it works for well for you, it may just help you feel like Mr. Charisma himself.

Not everything works the same way for everyone, since everybody’s personality and body chemistry is different. Your current pheromone signature may well enhance or reduce the effects of this formula. You personality can affect the net result.

Our offer is simple. If it works like this for you, great! Keep using it, and enjoy. If it it’s a mismatch for you, feel free to send it back within 180 days for a credit towards something else. We’ve built up a vast palette of social effects over the years. We know you’ll find something you enjoy.

This comes packaged in a 5ml spray. 40 sprays per container, giving you approximately 20 social experiences at the recommended 2 sprays per use.

Even at the high cost of the components, we're still offering this for just barely more than $3 USD per use. Still lower than the fancier drinks at Starbucks, but with quite a bit more benefit. It also lasts quite a bit longer than a coffee. *slurp, slurp* And when's the last time a coffee significantly changed how other people feel about you?