Lust After Me Pheromone Oil for Women - Androtics
Lust After Me Pheromone Oil for Women - Androtics

Lust After Me Pheromone Oil for Women

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Reintroducing A Cult-Classic Formula for Women, in an Updated and Reimagined Oil Format

Linger in His Mind Long After You're Gone, with the Classic Pheromone Oil, Lust After Me. 

He won't see it, but he will feel it. Compelled. To you. The thought of you will tug at him all day. 

Maybe its your confidence. Maybe its the sensual way you're carrying yourself today. Who knows what the hell it is. You're carrying the certain ineffable sanguine quality hard to pin down and harder to imitate, that so many people desire, forgive, and lust after. 

Lust After Me contains a dazzling lead note of Androstenol to enhance social harmony, spiked with a sexy punch of European copulins to keep things provocative.

First things first: Do not apply Lust After Me too soon before leaving the house, if you have a long term relationship within sniffing distance .... because you will most likely not get out of the house. LOL
We were walking through the high street where the parade of clubs are. I must admit that I felt really confident and bold. I was not afraid to speak my mind to total strangers and remembered making a bouncer at one of the night clubs blush. [..] As we carried on walking one of the club promoters that I had seen before came over to us and gave us a free pass stamp to get into his club. Nice one!
As far as a product like LAM , I only wear [it] when sex is possible, or likely. That's when I see the benefits: deeper, more intense & focused sexual sensation and emotion in both of us. 

Otherwise you're just messin' with people's heads! (j/k) 
LAM will bring out the animal in your hubby before too long. It's something that they build up to. For my hubby Lust After Me makes him really focused on pleasing me. Heck he's like the energizer bunny and he makes more noise then I do now.

I'm not sure what's going on either. Just last night I applied LAM to my pulse points and the back of my neck and had some WILD HOT ANIMALISTIC SEX with my hubby. Lust After Me works like a charm for me everytime.
I love that I can enhance an existing relationship with them. I wear them at the craziest times like when we are having a bad fight. The other night my bf told me that sometimes when we fight he actually enjoys it because it slightly turns him on. But what he doesn't know is when I leave the room I put on a bunch of pheros and come back in covered in Lust After Me .

Radically Upgraded Packaging

Only the finest bottle enshrines the finest formula. 
  • Supersaturated Black Amethyst apothecary glass protects the precious active ingredients and fragrance molecules from UV degradation and premature aging.
  • Swiss spheroid dropper pipette gives you the consistent droplet accuracy of a Zurich pharmacist. 

Radically Upgraded Carrier 

You wouldn't set a fine diamond in a brass band. Likewise, a potent pheromone mix should only be fit with an equally potent carrier vehicle. That's why we spent months iterating and upgrading our carrier oil formula to include our latest innovations in diffusion technology. You want to be smelled, seen, and heard. 

Our oil is designed to slowly release pheromone molecules over the course of hours, so you may enjoy the range of effects throughout your 12 hour day. 

Silky hand-feel glides naturally over the skin then dries transparent, leaving a sheer moisturized pheromone layer behind. 

Sophisticated Scent Technology

Pheromones are synthetic human musks, and don't go without their own unique and interesting musky signatures. They're heavy molecules and naturally stick close to where they're applied... which won't do if you're using them to influence others in your sphere! 

This calls for clever engineering to lift the active ingredients from that sticky spot on your skin to your own private musk cloud, where they can leverage the most influence. 

Harmonizing with and elevating the natural scent and function of the pheromone mix, we offer two carefully crafted scent options for you to choose from:
  • Nude: A transparent "clean skin" tone lifts and delivers the pheromonal payload from your body to theirs. A sublime enhancement to your naked skin. 
  • Vanilla Dream: A grown up gourmand take on Vanilla Planifolia, with round tropical high notes and a waxy brûlée drydown.



A. So what's the difference between this and some like Drive Him Crazy or Femme Fatale?

For how well it works, Lust After Me is actually our lowest level attractant. It just feels good, and provides nice, safe and comfortable daily wear. Like some sexy ballet flats that you can rock at work, play, and otherwise.

Women usually don't need much to set the world around them on fire. Lust After Me is honestly most of what you'd need.

Drive Him Crazy is like Lust After Me on mega-boost, you could say. Whereas Femme Fatale is intended to allow meek and soft girls to play the fierce woman that gets her own way for once. Both are a TON of fun, but they much stronger formulas for specific purposes.

B. What sort of formula does Lust After Me have?


Lust After Me is one of our simplest products. Just Alpha-Androstenol, Copulins and a few of the Androtics trade secrets developed over the past 15 years blended in.

Lust After Me is basically a classical pheromone formula, which is available from most companies.

Our touch is that we use the world's highest grade alpha-androstenol -- straight from the hormone chemists famous for creating birth control pills. Combining that with clinica researched copulins from a famous European perfuming house. We've the ones who introduced the concept of dosing to the pheromone world, so pay close attention to the dosing per drop. We add our exclusive diffusion technology. (Should you choose our "nude" option, you'll notice that our products will actually work to make your own perfume smell better) We then bottle it all together in the nicest rubber dropper bottle possible, enroving the formula in almost hard as steel, black amtheyst glass made in Switzerland.