Dirty - Sexual Pheromone Oil with Copulins - for Men

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Be the naughty bastard of her dreams with Dirty Pheromone Oil for Men. Positively NSFW.
Picture the time you roll out of bed at some unidentifiable time with some unidentifiable babe. Clothes are strewn everywhere and the scene reeks of coitus. You look in the mirror and your reflection's peppered with love bruises and hickeys in all the NSFW places, so you call in sick to pack in a little more naughty play with your angel for the night until you kick her out for her walk of shame. 
Squeeze that scene into an oil and you have Dirty. 
Dirty is an androstenone based cologne oil designed to unlock the dark dirty fantasies hidden deep in the human psyche. Androstenone is the human pheromone that subconsciously communicates raw masculine power.  
Mixed with a scandalous dosage of copulins, the sweet musky scent of a human female in heat, you may wield a Dirty authenticity bystanders won't know if real or engineered.