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Come Talk to Me - Personal Connection Pheromone Oil For Women

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The world's first exclusively social pheromone formula, Come Talk To Me is social daily wear.

Invite personal and intimate conversations in an air of acceptance -- even with complete strangers.

Can be safely enjoyed anywhere. Office. Grocery store. On walks.

Many of the social powers given to us by Mother Nature, and taken away by good hygiene practices, are gently restored and upgraded with Come Talk To Me.

Comes by default with the almost scentless non-fragranced Stealth package. All you can small is a faint familiar scent. Most people find the human scent of Come Talk To Me to be clean and delightful.

At the recommended 2 drops per use, you get approximately 67 enhanced social experiences per bottle. At the normal price, you can have 8-12 hours of enhanced social experiences for about $1.47 USD per use. Nothing compares to the value you get from human pheromone replacement.

When used 5 days a week (it’s good to take one or two days off every week), each bottle lasts more than 2 months.

For weekend use, each bottle lasts 33 2-day long weekends. More than half a year.

Here’s some helpful usage tips...

1. Apply to your hot points. Wrists, inner elbows, top of your hands (be careful not to wash off in the restroom). The more surface area you cover, the more the molecules will diffuse into the air around you and affect others.

2. When applying to your wrists and/or top of your hands, make sure you wave your hands around when speaking for greater effect. You can also playfully blow air from your mouth over your hand.

3. Try not to apply near your own nose, unless you want self effects. If you wear for self effects, please do not wear when driving -- especially at higher dosages. The product may initially feel like you've had an alcoholic beverage or two, which is definitely not compatible with driving.

4. Unlike some other formulations we carry, this formula has very natural effects. It's easy to confuse the use of this product with "having a good day". You may want to use larger doses at first so you can understand the difference between having a socially enhanced day and random good day. 5 to 10 drops is acceptable for initial "heroic" doses.

5. One way to enhance the effects without using up too much product is to apply to your hair. Spread some oil on your hand and coat the as much of your length of hair as possible.

Most people have over 100,000 hairs on their head, which in combination with the heat from your scalp, can easily serve to spread these subtle human scents into the air around you.

Just make sure you thoroughly clean your hair if your ake this route. Androgen removal shampoo designed to reduce baldness tends to work best for the removal of pheromones, as it’s designed to remove the same types of human molecules.

6. Can be used by itself or with your own fragrance. Adding your own fragrance often results in greater diffusive power.

To use a fragrance, apply the oil first, and spray you fragrance on top. The Stealth package tends to enhance the scent of any cologne you mix with it. Try it and experience it for yourself. You'll almost certainly like what it does.

Technical details: The recommended dosage is 2 drops. There are approximately 135 drops per 5 mL bottle.  

Interesting facts:  Beta tested in the early 2000s in Silicon Valley, commercially released in 2002. Formula updated in 2016.