Pheromone experiences for the world’s leading ladies!


Ladies, we — the people who created social pheromones more than 20 years ago — are working a new store with a great new name and a 100% focus just on YOU.

Just like here, nothing sleazy. 

(Of course, sexy is AMAZE, cheeky is welcome — almost everything is permitted except for the creepiness of most pheromone companies!)

Soon, Androtics will be for men only. The “Andro” in “Androtics” refers to Androgens, anyway, which are definitely male oriented!

And no, the new name isn’t Estrotics — it’s wayyyyy better that that. Think “The Sephora of Pheromones”, for women, by (mostly) women.

December update: From feedback we’ve received so far, the formulator has been working on the concept of “Sexy AND Powerful” for us ladies. Exciting to the max!!!

Make sure you sign up for our mailing list so we can move you over to the new store, and let you know when we launch. Use the email signup popup and click your gender, so we know for sure you’re female.