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Honesty is famous for being the “spooky” formula that can allow to make friends fast, become closer to people you like, and the truly spooky part — often to hear things that feel unexpected. Unexpected candor and honesty.

Honesty was introduced almost 15 years ago, and was off the market the past several years. Now, as of November, 2019, it’s back!

Not just “back” in spray, this spray differs from past ones in 4 ways:

  1. Many people asked for a “stronger” version of Honesty, so this is being launched with 50% greater strength. (50% more active molecules)

  2. Androtics has switched to a next generation touchless, energy based mixing system which reduces agglomeration (molecules sticking together) and particle size. No physical blades are used. This reduces heat and also reduces reactions from metal ions, which often act as catalysts. 

    We’ve noticed that social formulas, in particular, feel stronger when processed this way. Even with the 50% boost in molecules, it may feel like double strength or more.

  3. It comes in a new, tough Swiss made 10mL bottle, with a BPA-free spray head made in France, just like the excellent oil dropper. There are up to 70 uses per bottle.

    The ultra deep violet (usually black in appearance) glass has excellent protective qualities and can make your formulas last longer. The old plastic style bottles will only be used for the extra variation bottle that’s included. “The B bottle for science”

  4. It’s initially offered with a smaller amount of the Neroli (orange) scent, reinforced with v1.1 of the Stealth tech that helps increase diffusion.

    Together, the hybrid allows diffusion enhancement with less scent. 

    Unlike Stealth alone, this hybrid also works well all year round under different environmental conditions, which is why it’s being launched first. As all scents and pheromones alike are very sensitive to environmental factors, this hybrid mix is the most versatile and easiest to use. When applied to the hot spots of the body, it’ll often “just work” with minimal effort or thought from the operator.

    The scent is not perfume or cologne strength, rather it’s more like the power of a scent left by a stronger shampoo or conditioner. It might not be appropriate for sensitive individuals or “scent free” workplaces, but it should work for the vast majority of people and places.

  5. Androtics was was one of the first to use Neroli many years back. You could even say Androtics started the trend, as it definitely wasn’t trendy back then.

    Eventually people tired of it despite it’s excellent ability to help hide some of the less pleasant pheromonal scents. Yet, since opening this retail shop a little over a year ago, we’ve gotten endless requests for Neroli as it’s actually been trending across the planet. It’s one of the “in” things.

    This is thanks to perfumers and fashion houses such as Tom Ford. It’s enormously expensive, too! Good news, as we get it from the same world-class perfume suppliers that top fashion brands use.

    6. Michael begged us to get more test formulas out there, so we’re trying something new for awhile called “Get a B Bottle for Science”.

    It works like this: When you get the spray or oil spray combo pack, for a limited time you get an extra “B bottle for science” for free. It’s a variation of the classical A formula. This comes in the older 5mL spray bottle, and contains up to 40 uses per bottle. Be sure to tell us how it goes, so the formulator can keep the improvements coming.

If you’re new to Honesty, well... it’s just something you have to experience. It’s quite different, to say the least.

As our formulator, Michael Harris, says, it was by experimenting with the molecules that eventually made their way into Honesty that changed his conception about what pheromones are and what they could do. They just blew his mind.

Honesty literally arose out of the formulators own “shock and awe” at what this class of human made scent molecules does. (He had a similar experience with the early trial runs that became Alpha A314, another one of his first products)

Trust us, even for those of us who work with pheromones every day, it’s often still surprising what some of these formulas can do. Honesty is one of those formulas that can deliver astonishment on the regular.

Try it. Experience this high weirdness for yourself, and if you don’t like it... exchange it for something you think you’ll like better, or return it. Simple.

Want to step it up the next level?

We wanted to reintroduce Honesty with a bang, so not only did we incorporate all of the advances above, but we’re concurrently releasing a formula former vendors for Androtics were asked for repeatedly... their infamous “Truth Serum” that was previously only sold to law enforcement, intelligence, legal and security professionals.

Honesty is the best choice for most users, as it’s easier to use and more consumer friendly overall. Yet if you’re the type of person that likes to take things to the extremes, then definitely checkout Truth Serum. When you like to push limits and take things to the max, the early versions of Truth Serum might be more your speed.


A fresh question from chat: Is the oil or spray better?

Well, first off, just like with any perfume or cologne, sprays hit you and others faster. They’re more obvious for the first few hours after application.

Oils are more like the turtle that sometimes wins the race. (in a way)

Oils take a much longer time to “kick in” (usually half an hour or more), but they last longer. At the 8 hour mark, the oil may still be diffusing a nice amount, whereas most sprays are at or over the end of their rope.

Mostly, though, we recommend sprays for colder months and oils for warmer. Oils can work really nicely in spring and summer, and sprays tend to be more of an ideal fit in autumn and winter.

Sprays also tend to be better for newbies that are seeking more obvious results, or even self-effects, so they know that this stuff actually works.

Regardless of whether you use sprays or oils, though, make sure you apply It to as much warm, exposed skin as possible...

Engineered scents and pheromones may seem like “magic”, but there’s a lot of common sense physics here, too. More surface area and warmer surfaces mean better diffusion (the movement of the active molecules into the air around you).

Often you smell things better in warmer, and especially humid environments, and you’ll notice pheromones working better in such environments, too.

As this formula is only offered in a lightly scented version at this time, that scent can help you. Make sure you keep adjusting where you apply so you can smell the scent best. The more you can smell it, the better the pheromones contained within it are likely to reach your targets noses and do their jobs.

Sometimes it’s nice to wear these on back of your hands, being carefully to only wash the fronts of your hands. The back of the hands is almost always exposed, and not only that, but you can surreptitiously blow on them to force molecules from your skin to the air around you. Just bring your hand near your face, pretending to cough or use a thinking posture. It puts you more in control, and it’s one of our formulator’s favorite application points for this reason.

Newbies should always started with scent product, so they can best figure out how to wear these formulas. Where they volatize the most when worn on their own bodies. 

More advanced users can consider the lower scent varieties.