Honesty Pheromone

Honesty Pheromone

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Honesty is famous for being the “spooky” formula that can allow to make friends fast, become closer to people you like, and the truly spooky part — often to hear things that feel unexpected. Unexpected candor and honesty.

Honesty was introduced almost 15 years ago, and was off the market the past several years. Now, as of November, 2019, it’s back!

Not just “back” in spray, this spray differs from past ones in 4 ways:

  1. Many people asked for a “stronger” version of Honesty, so this is being launched with 50% greater strength. (50% more active molecules)

  2. Androtics has switched to a next generation touchless, energy based mixing system which reduces agglomeration (molecules sticking together) and particle size. No physical blades are used. This reduces heat and also reduces reactions from metal ions, which often act as catalysts. 

    We’ve noticed that social formulas, in particular, feel stronger when processed this way. Even with the 50% boost in molecules, it may feel like double strength or more.

  3. It comes in a new, tough Swiss made 10mL bottle, with a BPA-free spray head made in France, just like the excellent oil dropper. There are up to 70 uses per bottle.

    The ultra deep violet (usually black in appearance) glass has excellent protective qualities and can make your formulas last longer. The old plastic style bottles will only be used for the extra variation bottle that’s included. “The B bottle for science”

  4. It’s initially offered with a smaller amount of the Neroli (orange) scent, reinforced with v1.1 of the Stealth tech that helps increase diffusion.

    Together, the hybrid allows diffusion