Drive Him Crazy for Women - Androtics
Drive Him Crazy for Women - Androtics

Drive Him Crazy for Women

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Reintroducing A Cult-Classic Formula for Women, in an Updated and Reimagined Oil Format

Drive Him Insane with Desire with the Luxury Pheromone Perfume Oil, Drive Him Crazy. 

Designed to elicit wanton desire and flirty excitement, we were in for a red-cheeked surprise when we learned what this mix REALLY did. 

Originally released in 2007, it flew off our shelves when women discovered this mix's dynamic secret firepower. The community affectionately dubbed it "The Woody Maker" 

... Leaving not just one's imagination swollen. 

Whoa! He could have pounded nails with that thing! I feared for my safety! 


With its delicate balance of the kittenish Molecule H, a heady dose of Androstenol , clinical trial backed European copulins, and a secret symphony of other sensual steering agents, Drive Him Crazy may have surged regional blood flow to the peripheral organs of many unsuspecting men. I don't know if we're supposed to apologize or say you're welcome. Guys, you're welcome. 

Well he leans over and asked me 

What is it about you ?

I said what do you mean?

"You keep giving me woodies" 

I was like "Huh? Excuse me?" 

He then tells me hasnt been able to get woodies since his heart attack which was like 5 years ago but he has one now and its not because he's excited about this meeting.

I didnt know what the heck to say I was so shocked LOL I just said Jeez I'm sorry. Of course I looked down cause its just human nature when someone mentions that and sure enough he had a woody.
I wore it to work. I later found out it was driving them a bit crazy LOL. Its one of the only pheromone products that I watched a man sniff from the bottle and saw his eyes roll back in his head as he groaned. It was pretty awesome.
"[He] was soooo flirtatious with me. He said, "Wow, the breeze just blew your scent by me and you smell wonderful!!" [...] Then he said, "You are beautiful, keep smiling and stay beautiful!" and "Why are you so happy today? Wow, how beautiful". Stuff like that! Crazy! [...] 

This stuff is magic! I NEVER used to have anyone talk to me or be so nice. I'm on cloud nine right now."
"My "target" has made it clear he has a fascination with me. He makes it a point to sit next to me at every office function. It is now an expected thing. The first time he did this, I thought I was going to die because he kept looking straight into my eyes and then asked to see a picture of my SO. I don't have any idea why -- I guess he wanted to take a look at the competition. The other thing he did -- which totally freaked me (in a good way) -- was gently but quickly touch my hands while he was transferring papers to me. He was sooo slick about it that I thought (the first few times) that it was an accident. Until I caught on....duh!" 

Radically Upgraded Packaging

Only the finest bottle enshrines the finest formula. 
  • Supersaturated Black Amethyst apothecary glass protects the precious active ingredients and fragrance molecules from UV degradation and premature aging.
  • Swiss spheroid dropper pipette gives you the consistent droplet accuracy of a Zurich pharmacist. 

Radically Upgraded Carrier 

You wouldn't set a fine diamond in a brass band. Likewise, a potent pheromone mix should only be fit with an equally potent carrier vehicle. That's why we spent months iterating and upgrading our carrier oil formula to include our latest innovations in diffusion technology. You want to be smelled, seen, and heard. 

Our oil is designed to slowly release pheromone molecules over the course of hours, so you may enjoy the range of effects throughout your 12 hour day. 

Silky hand-feel glides naturally over the skin then dries transparent, leaving a sheer moisturized pheromone layer behind. 

Sophisticated Scent Technology

Pheromones are synthetic human musks, and don't go without their own unique and interesting musky signatures. They're heavy molecules and naturally stick close to where they're applied... which won't do if you're using them to influence others in your sphere! 

This calls for clever engineering to lift the active ingredients from that sticky spot on your skin to your own private musk cloud, where they can leverage the most influence. 

Harmonizing with and elevating the natural scent and function of the pheromone mix, we offer two carefully crafted scent options for you to choose from:
  • Nude: A transparent "clean skin" tone lifts and delivers the pheromonal payload from your body to theirs. A sublime enhancement to your naked skin. 
  • Vanilla Dream: A grown up gourmand take on Vanilla Planifolia, with round tropical high notes and a waxy br?l?e drydown.