Turn Up the Heat - Sensual Pheromone for Men
Turn Up the Heat - Sensual Pheromone for Men

Turn Up the Heat - Sensual Pheromone for Men

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Turn Up The Heat (TUTH) is one of Androtics’ beloved and classic products, originally launched in 2005. The Heat Doubletake Edition is new for 2019.

For those not in yet in the know, Turn Up the Heat is androstenone, evolved. With little tweaks added by Michael over the years, Turn Up The Heat takes androstenone to the next level.

Turn Up The Heat contains 11 pheromones that exalt and take androstenone to the next level. It is the most complex formula after Alpha A314.

Turn Up The Heat was originally designed for use two purposes:

  1. For dating, when you've seen other a few times and want to escalate and take things in a sexual direction, and
  2. To literally turn up the heat in the bedroom, with partners new or old. A spray or two to the chest and/or neck turns up the physicality and intensity. Heat can turn an ordinary experience into something smouldering. Something far more memorable.

New version for 2019: Turn Up The Heat Doubletake Edition

There’s now 2 versions of Turn Up The Heat.

There's Classic Turn Up The Heat, which is v1.1 version many have known and loved for many years.

Now, what many have been anticipating, introducing the new Heat Doubletake Edition for 2019.

The Doubletake Edition of Heat incorporates technology similar to Hunter Pheromone Cologne, which in turn was based on technology we developed for government applications. 

The new additives in the Doubletake Edition makes your targets more susceptible to the Turn Up The Heat effect, modifying their reactions to be more open and positive. Many people will literally give you a "double take". Some will give the pheromones in Turn Up The Heat an extra chance to work it's magic -- even if you're not traditionally "their type".

How to Use Turn Up The Heat in Traditional Dating

This is part of the original design of Turn Up The Heat, and it does it's job well.

After you've had a few fun and enjoyable dates... gone out on the town, seen a show, had some nice meal, visited a museum, perhaps... Turn Up The Heat can help take turn the kindling of flirtation into fire in the bedroom.

Even if you're a little shy, Turn Up The Heat can speak for you. It'll let her know it's time to go further. The new priming pheromones in the Doubletake Edition make it even easier for her to say "yes".

Start with one spray to the tops of your hands, to make it easy for it to diffuse. Even at the lowest dosage, she'll smell and feel the sexual signal. Turn Up The Heat is powerful enough for even a half spray to work for some men.

From there, if it's time, you'll know. Conversations will turn more sexual. Sexual jokes and topics of conversations will come up. Touching will increase. The "interpersonal dance" will take on a very sensual job. It's on.

One of the really nice things about using Turn Up The Heat in this manner is that your initial sexual experiences with a new partner will tend to be far more intense. You'll set a high precedent that you normally wouldn't. It'll lay an even higher foundation on which to build the rest of your experiences.

We've had reports that some of the most enjoyable relationships customers have had have been when Turn Up The Heat was used to take date #3, #4 #5 or #6 in a more sexual direction. When you start with a bang, imagine what it's like when it gets even better from there.

The only thing to watch out is her "time of the month". If she's indicated that it's PMS or menstruation time, then it's not time to use Turn Up The Heat. Focus on wooing and affection until that time is over, and it'll work far better.

How To Get Started Using Turn Up The Heat with your Girlfriend or Wife

This is also an ideal application for Turn Up The Heat. Whether you've been with someone a long time and want to get boredom out of boredom, or you're with a new partner and want to start things with a bang... Turn Up The Heat allows you to take sexual activities to the next level.

When you start to get busy, excuse yourself to the bathroom for a moment, and start by using just 1 spray to the chest. Turn Up The Heat should make you feel stronger and more manly first. Then return to the bedroom where it can affect her.

As long as she was "into it" before, now she'll get really excited and really be into you.

Your activities will take on new heights.

If you're extra adventurous and want to talk her into being extra adventurous with you, you may want to try the new Doubletake Edition. The priming molecules will make her open to new ideas in the bedroom. Boredom, be gone!

How to Use Turn Up The Heat for Attraction

Turn Up the Heat's designer, Michael Harris, never meant for Turn Up the Heat to be used as an attractant (i.e., using it on women you don't know yet), although many men used it as just that.

It can be a little more complicated to use in this manner, but it can definitely be worth it to learn how!

If you want to use it for this purpose, we recommend you spray it on the back of your hands for greater diffusion. Then specifically seek out women who are at or near their time of ovulation. Many women near their own “human heat” period specifically seek out public spaces, such as bars, when they are ovulating.

These days, Turn Up The Heat can also help seal the deal with today's "fast dating" services, such as Tinder, that skip many of the aspects of traditional dating. (also see Hunted Pheromone Cologne, which is designed as an easy, fun attractant specifically for the "Tinder Generation")

In a public space, TUTH performs a type of sorting function. It will specifically attract women who are ready for sex, and tend to repel everyone else.

You may not find the love of your life when using TUTH when meeting women for the first time, but it can work to help fulfill your physical needs with women “out on the prowl”.

Keep in mind that it's women mostly near ovulation that respond best to androstenone based formulas, Turn Up The Heat included. A week to a week and a half before ovulation also works exceedingly well.

Here's a chart from one one of the scientific studies that correlates ovulation and pre-ovulation to sexual activity:

Ovulation sex chart from scientific study

As you can see, 10-12 days before and up to 1 day after ovulation are the prime times for sexual activity. This also correlates perfectly with when androstenone containing products are the most effective.

It also correlates very well with women's behaviour. During this time period, you'll see women flirt a lot more. Play with their hair. Play with their voice. Dress more colorfully and flamboyantly. Engage more in conversations with men.

After ovulation, you'll see these behaviours diminish. Before and during menstruation, many women actively seek to "hide".

Use Turn Up The Heat on women during the part of their cycle when they want to be seen. When they want male attention.

When using pheromones, it pays dividends to learn and pay attention to body language. The man who learns body language AND proper pheromone usage literally makes the world into his personal playground.

Also keep in mind that when using pheromones for attraction, they'll always be attractive to someone, but they don't always "catch" the exact person you have in mind.

It pays to be open to new people and new experiences. Especially when it comes to women, the less you care about a particular result, they'll often be more open to you in return.

It's sort of like waiting for water to boil.

If you light the fire and let nature take it's course, you'll have boiling water in no time. But if you stare at it impatiently, it seems to take forever.

This is even more pronounced with people. The water won't care or notice your impatience, but women do. Being calm and "cool" generates the most rewards. Be an interesting person that dresses well, and let the pheromones do their primordial job.

The new Doubletake Edition will be attractive to a wider range of women, under more scenarios, but at there's still androstenone at it's heart... and it's function is determined by human biology. This is why it's important to be mindful of how biology works.

To start a relationship with a special target that is very meaningful to you, you often need to start slow and be more strategic. Starting with androstenone formulas before you've gone on any dates can be too much like "whipping it out" and hoping for the best. 

When you found someone you'd like to see on a more long term fashion, a better strategy is learn them and their desires as much as you can, then figure out how to fulfill their true wants and needs. How to hit their particular hot buttons.

A "keeper" often wants to have plenty of fun outside the bedroom before they take it inside. Turn Up The Heat can be part of your plan, but it shouldn't be the only part.

"Keepers" usually respond best to formulas such as A314, and for younger ones, Shine or Molecule A, on the first meeting.

A314 naturally attracts traditional women who eventually want to get married and have children. Often very high quality, sometimes very classy women. When used as an attractant, you'ld then use Turn Up The Heat after a few days to move things into the bedroom.

Shine and Molecule A are just fun in a bottle. They're fantastic for girls and younger women who "just want to have fun" -- womenspeak for "still playing the field". These formulas keep things light, energetic and ebullient feeling.

Some men obsess over one woman, and are scared of doing the wrong thing.

If that's you and you can't seem to shake that feeling, then when you're ready to take things in a sexual direction with a special someone, we recommend the new Doubletake Edition of Heat or the priming technology in Hunter.

The priming pheromones in these newer formulas give you more leeway. They make the formulas more forgiving. You're less likely to be taken the wrong way, and if you are, the priming pheromones make it easier to recover from a faux pas.

2 for 1 Promotion for the next 200 customers

Right now, you get 2 Turn Up The Heats for the cost of one.

This includes both the Classic Turn Up The Heat and the new Doubletake Edition.

If you choose the “Both” option, you get 4 bottles for the cost of 2.

Androtics was always known as the company that thoroughly tests everything. Although the aim of Androtics.com is a simple solution store that solves men and women’s everyday problems, behind the scenes Androtics still tests everything it can. There’s been strong interest from some users to be let in on these tests. Honestly, it can be a lot of fun! Guys love to tinker.

Right now, the test version you receive will focus on processing. We recently added a new cold particle size reduction process to the production cycle.

Your test bottle will be the exact same as the other, but it will go through the new cold particle size reduction process. The standard bottle will go through the processing more typical for the cologne and perfume industry.

If all works right, the test version will provide greater results at lower dosages. You may notice that one simply "works better", or that you find that you need less sprays to achieve the same or similar results.

Testing has been simplified in much the same way an eye exam is simple. One bottle is marked A and the other B. Just let us know which works best, and it’ll allow us to make even better formulas for you in the future.

Please note that the full size "A" version bottle provides 70 sprays and the B test variant bottle includes 40 sprays, or up to 40 uses per bottle.

You should know that both bottles are going to be great. The new cold process particle size reduction process was used on the latest version of Alpha A314, which is generating stunning reviews. (thank you!)

Of course, the new version of A314 also had several key new molecules added, which is no doubt part of the love coming our way. At the very least, the new process certainly doesn't do any harm.

To get better data, we simply want to take a beloved, well known formula, and give people one that's gone through the new process, and one that hasn't. Classic formulas such as Turn up The Heat are perfect for this test. We'll get more valuable data this way, and you'll personally see how the latest technologies affect your results in the real world.


Turn Up The Heat without scent additives smells, quite frankly, rather "funky". Like a boys locker room on a warm spring day.

This is one of the few products we still offer with our classic orange / neroli scent package. This helps to cover up any malodors, and also helps to increase it’s diffusion capabilities (the ability for it to lift from your skin into the air around you).

We may offer a “Stealth” version at some point, but be aware that you will always need to spray a strong cologne on top to cover it’s scent.

Warning: There’s certain places masculine mating energy is not wanted. Do not use Turn Up The Heat (either version) or any androstenone containing product at work, around small children, or around menstruating women. There's a time and a place for everything.


Now in the new 10ml, 70 spray bottle made in Switzerland. 75% more uses than the last version.

Works with as little as 1 spray. Cost per use at full retail is as low little as 55 cents per use for the Classic version, and 84 cents for the DoubleTake. Even less with discounts or specials we occasionally have.

Note: we’re currently running a promo where you an extra 40 spray test bottle included, so it's even less!

Older men over 35 tend to need more, which can double or triple the cost per use.

Given the benefits this can give you in bed, it’s still cheaper than coffee at Starbucks — and a heck of a lot sexier. (and note that raw caffeine is actually a vasoconstrictor — some ER doctors give patients caffeine when Viagra or Cialis works a little too well!)


"I'm 20 years old and I'm usually drawing the short end of the stick with women. This stuff has changed that dramatically, I walk into a room and women just fawn over me. And I'm not just talking about young teens and such, I have dated a 30 year doctor for 2 weeks now, and i contribute it all to this stuff. Its worth buying."
Written by: Adam

"I always thought that pheromone colognes were a con game but boy was I wrong about your products. I tried a tiny bit of Turn Up The Heat on my pulse points (wrist, chest and neck) before bed and when my wife and I began getting frisky she was more aggressive than she had ever been before. Usually my wife is reserved and likes me to be the aggressor but this time she grabbed my head, kissed me passionately and took charge of our sexual encounter. I don't know if this product will get a stranger to jump your bones but it will DEFINITELY make your wife or girlfriend become more sexually aggressive with you"
Written by: Ryan

"Okay, I was almost positive this wasn't going to work. I played the ordering of it off to my friends like it was just a joke. And i was completely going to hit up the 100% money back (which i was certain was a scam too) when the stuff didn't work.

I've gotten laid 2 of the 3 weekends since I ordered it. This is not a joke, not a company sponsored review, not even me strutting my obvious swagger.

I wore this to the gym, class, and out for parties/beer pong nights/clubs/etc. The only time it has given me any success was during the nightlife. Which is perfect.

I'll spray a little during a workout and hopefully catch conversation with girls I know or meet at the gym. Once they smell it, it's almost a complete leap from attitudes. It's like they now understand that I'm down to fuck and have the capability of coma-tizing them with my sex.

Sorry for the uber long review. This shit has made my past 2 weeks. Have a bootycall lined up at 3 today with the girl from last night."
Written by: David M

"I bought this a while back, got maybe a little action from it, but recently I used it while with someone I really wanted to get close to. The results were ...unbelievable. We did things that I had only dreamed would happen. No lie fellas... but I'm pretty sure she needs to be into you as well."
Written by: SLR

"I was pleased to get it in the mail the next day, and the customer service is on top of their game! My invoice was personalized with a little note, showing how much they value their customers. As for the product I'm optimistic, even if it doesn't work it still smells great. I pay more for less with normal cologne anyway. "
Written by: Jake

"I use this when the wife and I are preparing for some "alone time" and it drives her wild. I don't think it will have women falling over themselves to sleep with you if your a stranger but if you know you are going be intimate with a woman use this first and she will lose all inhibitions in the bedroom"
Written by: Derrick

"I have volumes to speak about why I love this product, but I'll just stick to one example. I was going out to meet this girl for the first time, and before I left, sprayed 2 sprays on my chest. When we met, one thing led to another, but she told me she never had sex on the first date. She had her head on my chest, and told me I smelled very good. A little more fooling around, and that statement turned out to be very untrue in my case. I cant say it was all the product of the spray, but maybe that made the difference between first meeting and maybe second or third time. I plan on buying more."
Written by: Josh