Warm Relaxing Stress Relief Relationship Repair Pheromone for Men

Warm - Relaxed Comfort Enhancing Pheromone for Men

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Warm imparts a warm and cozy vibe to any occasion.

Make anyone feel home and at ease, as if they’re exactly where they should be.

As Warm is a simple social effect, it’s easy to use with your other favorite formulas to literally add a “warmth”. 

This was initially intended to help form the basis of our new "Relationship Repair" line, but as always, users out "in the field" have seen new opportunities.

Both our initial test group of 21 candidates (9 women and 12 men) and early consumer users of Warm report the following benefits:

Reduces negative feelings, including anger: One user uses this with his wife and reported that "it's like letting the anger out of a balloon"

De-Creepifies: Sometimes men that don't circulate enough seem "creepy". Sadly, it's often the nicest guys that get branded as a creep.

No, life isn't fair, but Warm can make it more fair.

This effect is shared with our "Shine" formula and "Molecule A", although they achieve this effect through a completely different route. Shine and Molecule A create more of an aloof feeling of elation in your target audience, whereas Warm is more emotively warm and cozy, imparting a safe feeling.

Takes off some of the social pressure: Life can be especially hard for introverts and the socially awkward. Warm could be used at any time you might feel socially awkward to allow the other person or people to forgive minor flaws in presentation, allowing them to get to know you better.

Some women report a literal "warm" feeling: While people experience emotions differently, 5 of the original 9 female testers reported that the test formula that became Warm literally made them feel safe and "warm". This is where this formula gets it's name.

Less men have reported this physical sensation, but most people use words relating to the concept interpersonal "warmth" when describing this formula in action.

Women also used words such as "safe", "calm" and "comfortable" to describe the initial test formula which became Warm.

Men are more likely to describe Warm as de-stressing, more relaxed and less angry. Some men reported feeling more accepted when in the presence of Warm.

Excellent to wear around subjects with low self-esteem: Although not noticed in initial testing, newer "in the field" testing has shown something particularly interesting... those with low self esteem or body flaw issues opening up around the user wearing Warm.

Sometimes the nicest people have minor flaws that they magnify in their own minds, such as imperfection with their skin, hair, teeth, size or style of dress. These overblown flaws prevent perfectly good people from socially connecting to others. 

Now, by wearing Warm, you can be the gift that allows quieted individuals to open up and feel genuine worth around you.

Warm is primarily a social formula, unless paired with other formulas or used deliberately with other intentions. Men still "playing the field" can intelligently apply a warm and safe feeling, however we ask that you respect others and act responsibly.

Warm tends to work best with higher dwell times: Please be aware that while we've seen a few rapid responses from Warm, it seems to work best with longer dwell times. Wearing it out and about in crowds or on walks is likely wasting Warm.

You might think we want you to buy more product by "wasting it", however, we'd like you to get the best results possible with what you get.

Some effects are just fun: One consumer reported an increase in "high fives!". We can't evaluate how true this is, but we thought it was awfully charming.

Usage hints and tips: Warm contains molecules that need some help diffusing.

We recommend you wear warm on a large swath of skin that's exposed to the air.

The back of the hands are a perfect application spot, especially if you're willing to gesticulate more when talking.

In the late spring and summer, the chest can be excellent.

Some pheromone formulas work well when applied behind the ears, but we feel that Warm generally needs more exposure.

The back of the neck is itself very warm and can be excellent when clothing and weather allows.

The ultimate application point is almost always the hair on top of your head, with the heat of your head and almost 100k hairs acting as active wicks. It can be complicated to clean pheromones and fragrance out of your hair. However, when you really need to give things an extra boost, this is well worth the try.


Warm uses a small amount of our "Neroli" (Orange Flower) fragrance, and comes in a 5 mL spray bottle.

There's up to 40 uses per bottle. At the recommended 2 sprays per application, there's 20 uses per typical bottle.

Unfortunately, the scented version of Warm is likely unacceptable at low and no scent workplaces.

Unfragranced version? While there's a high demand for Stealth (unscented) formulas, our testing showed poor performance with our default Stealth additives. More testing is needed to produce a low no scent product that will perform as expected.

In fact, Warm tends to work best when combined with scent molecules. If you apply your own cologne over Warm, it will tend to work better and last longer.

This presents a particular challenge with Warm.

And, for the first 200 bottles, we will be giving a BONUS bottle of Warm! This means you will receive 2 bottles for the price of one.

There will be slight formula differences, so all you have to do is tell us which one you like best.