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Molecule C Pheromone Oil for Men

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Molecule C Pheromone Oil 7.5 mcg/drop

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Pheromone TAC (Test Molecule C) - Social, Feel Good, Sensual


This one's with our Stealth diffusion package. It has a light human scent that most people like. You can make this molecule last longer and diffuse in different ways by spraying a cologne on top of wherever you apply it.

This is a high dose product. Just one drop will work, although more can be merrier.

As this is a single molecule, it works a little bit differently than does a “mix” of many molecules. If people don’t respond, there’s nothing else to fall back on. So you’ll tend to find either that people respond to this one, or they simply don’t. Additionally, this is a not a shy product — this is on the higher end of the dosing scale. So you tend to see more of a binary response than analog.

Details and Considerations

  • Hand crafted in California, with components of American, UK and European origin.
  • Contains university synthesized, human bio-identical pheromones.
  • Encased in a 5ml, supersaturated black glass bottle, made in Switzerland.  
  • High precision, apothecary style glass spheroid dropper provides a similar drop size time after time.
  • When ordered with the Stealth diffusion package, this product contains no known allergens or compounds of concern as listed by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). Nonetheless, if the product causes unwanted skin or other reactions, you may send it back for a full refund.