Hunter Pheromone Cologne for Men

Hunter Pheromone Cologne for Men

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Wear pure power

Pure, bottled male, sexual fierceness with greater acceptance by both new & familiar targets

What’s that mean in English?

It means that whether you want to bring the heat to someone new you’ve been seeing, or bring some romance back to a long term relationship… Hunter is designed to deliver.

Androstenone is a funny molecule.

You wouldn’t, for example, use androstenone around kids… although you can easily use androstenone to help make kids!

It’s not the most “acceptable” molecule out there by a long shot. It’s not “social” in nature. Androstenone smells more intense than a male locker room, and it’s pure male fire — aggression and mating rolled in one. It is the last molecule you’d want to use in high quantities at work or at school.

Yet it’s still very useful in the right context.

It’s a perfect molecule for when you want to bring the heat. When you want her to want you in a very physical way, androstenone can both light the spark and spread the fire.

Hunter is all about androstenone, but a little different.

It was designed to help men take on one a more blatant, primordial masculine role, and be accepted for it. That’s a tall order in today’s social environment.

Hunter was also made to help address one of the questions we get constantly “How do I get back the physical intensity I originally had in my long term relationship?”

Hunter uses priming molecules that increase psychological acceptance of the very unsafe for work, but oh so very appropriate for the “bedroom & bar room safe” androstenone effect.

Unlike our other androstenone based formulas, Hunter does NOT use “buffers” that reduce, soften or refine the androstenone effect. Hunter contains raw androstenone and priming molecules only.

Priming molecules, developed for our social formulas and normally used in larger quantities only for HUMINT (human intelligence) formulas made for government operations, open the doorway to let the power of the world’s finest synthesis of androstenone in.

The concept is simple, and devastating.

Although you’d still want to avoid wearing this at work or in other mostly social contexts, the raw power of androstenone has never been so welcome.

— Wear who you want to be

Some people like to use Androtics to enhance and amplify what they already are. But you can also use Androtics to “wear” someone else.


Even if you don’t normally fancy yourself a “Hunter”, this is already within you. It’s within all men. It’s literally in your genes, waiting to be unlocked and activated.

Whether it’s near the surface or hidden deep in your nature, you can play this role. You were designed to play it.

As the limbic system, the primitive and ancient part of the brain, responds first to human scents, Androtics will take you at least 50% of the way there.

Androtics provides the biochemical messages that arrive first. The limbic system takes this scent data and convert it directly to feelings. To pure human emotion.

Women feel you coming before they see you or sense you in any other way.

You take it the the rest of the way by dressing and acting the part.

With Hunter, women will know who’s in the room, what he wants, and what type of intense man he is.

Just like Spiderman, her “spidey” sense will tingle. If she’s at a part of her monthly hormonal cycle where she’s biochemically ready and able to positively respond, the rest of her will get warm and tingle, too. You’ll elicit the primordial cavewoman within her.

It is up to you to take it the rest of the way. To act congruent and powerfully. With her permission, she’s yours. Hunter is raw male power with a brand new delivery system.

For the first 100 bottles, early adopters get 2 copies of Hunter

We keep getting requests from early adopters to offer test formulas.

Michael, too, would love to offer some experiments. is more of a solutions store, that offers pre-packaged solutions to everyday problems.

However, I understand the urges of the testing community. I’ve been there, too.

For the first 100 bottles, there’s another 100. Early Adopters will also get an extra bottle to try that’s slightly different.

You get Hunter version 1.0A and 1.0B.

This is greatly simplified over Michaels’ old system, but I think this will better meet the needs of both the normal retail client looking for a better life, and the experimental community, looking for the thrill of testing new formulas.

It starts here, with Hunter.

Michael Harris primarily makes, tests and enjoys social pheromones. That’s what we’re known for. While it’s fun for him to share social mixes, he doesn’t really “need” any help in this area. His own interest and use push things along just fine.

Hunter, in fact, came out of his primary work. Hunter is where two worlds collide. It’s cross a cross disciplinary product.

Make no mistake about it, Michael loves women… but even if put his libido first, one man can only bed so many women. And, of course, there should only be ONE man with YOUR woman.

This is where you come in.

Try both versions out with your woman, or the women you’d like to be with.

Then, just like at an eye exam, write a review or use the built-in forum on the product page, and let us know whether you like “A or B” better.

Once a winner is decided, the next experiment will begun at v1.1A and V1.1B.

This will give Michael the feedback he needs to quickly evolve Hunter.

Michael is serious about evolving Hunter to be the primordial, “Go get her” formula for the more active man, as well as a key formula to help bring the heat back to long term relationships that have become a little dull in the bedroom. To produce the results you most want. Your feedback, even in this simplified form, will let this happen much faster.


Hunter comes in a 5ml spray, which yields about 40 uses per bottle. Younger users require as little as one spray, older will be 2 and up. For most users, a Hunter enhanced experience with your lady of choice will cost between $1.25 to $2.50. About a cup of coffee, but far more fulfilling and fun. Even better, costs are about half this while 2 bottle packs are still available.


More questions? Check out the FAQ for Hunter by clicking here