Bright - Brighten Everyone's Day
Bright - Brighten Everyone's Day

Bright - Brighten Everyone's Day

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Brand new for late to mid 2020, Bright is a new mood brightening formula to help part the seas of darkness that have engulfed so many people, in so many places.

People tend to love upbeat people who can bring good vibes, and at a time like this, when you do this, you’re more precious than gold.

Shine and Molecule A are well known for those good vibes, but they’re equally well known for making people mindlessly walk into you as well. So we’ve recommended neither for 2020, but people still miss the positives. That’s why we went to work on Bright.

Bright is centered around the well loved P96 molecule, so it takes a different approach entirely. (Smooth is also a mood brightener for many, based on the equally impressive P91 — so there’s actually 2 alternatives, both of which are worth trying as they use completely different chemistry)

In plain language, 2020 has been a real bummer in so many ways. With Bright we offer a beacon of light in these chaotic times.

Even better: when you wear Bright, you’re that beacon for others. You get all the credit!

How to use Bright

Where and when you wear Bright affects its diffusion, which affects how well it works. When you're a beginner you just use Bright or other pheromone formulas the same as you would any cologne or perfume, applying it to hot spots on your skin. Just make sure you don't use more than 2 sprays to start: there are active ingredients in these, and you can easily use too much. With time, it's good to experiment beyond the usual spots to better control how much, and how quickly the pheromones are released to others. 

One interesting spot we recommend applying to the back of the hands, since it’s a large area you can easily “blow on” occasionally to help with diffusion. Just be extra careful when washing your hands.

When you really want to distribute a pheromone in an extreme, over the top way, one place to occasionally try a mix is the hair on your head. The typical head has over 100,000 hair strands, and nature itself uses hair to disperse and distribute pheromones. This combined with the heat of your head helps to distribute the pheromones with maximal efficiency. 

We don’t recommend that for daily use, but it’s something fun to try once and while. It’ll also make you think about the effects of heat and hair on pheromone distribution — and can give you other ideas. Surface area and warmth are what you’re going to think about.

Alternatively, some people want to slow the release of pheromones. This is where small sprays or even dabs behind the ears become useful. That’s actually what we recommend for very potent formulas such as Alpha A314. You get the “slow burn” effect, which works better for some formulas, or at least better with some user’s personalities.

Technical considerations:

Bright is made to be effective at 2 sprays for most people. Everyone’s own pheromonal output differed, however, some people may need more or less. There’s 35 applications for the typical user.  

For typical daily use, Bright @ 2 sprays a day lasts over a month.

For weekend warrior, Bright @ sprays every 2 days week, never missing a week, makes Bright last for about 9 months.

Bright comes in 10mL Swiss made black glass, with a precision French made atomizer head (spray head). While it’s a pain to see through, this glass protects your formula no matter how long you have it.

The current version of Bright uses the V3 (version 3) of our participle processing system, the most powerful to date. It's a system made specifically in and for the pandemic era.

This helps diffusion (the movement of the formula to the air around you), even in challenging locations.

However, keep in mind, while we do as much as we can to help diffusion, we still can’t control your particular environment. The release of colognes and perfumes, even advanced ones like these, will always be subject to the warmth of your skin, application technique, and your environmental conditions.

That’s why it’s well worth experimenting with location spots and techniques. Note how formulas work for you with both your own efforts, and what happens as seasons change. What you learn over time will allow you to get the most out of the formula.


Bright has a very light (orange) scent. Rather, it’s a light scent after dry down. When you first apply it, it’ll smell like a giant burst of orange, but after dry down it’ll be perceived by most people as being very light. People will tend to think it’s a scent left by your showering products, which allows it to basically be covert.

Version 1.0 of Bright is basically Unisex. We may create more gendered versions with time.