Classic AMMO Pheromone Cologne For Men

Classic AMMO Pheromone Cologne For Men

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Now you can get more of the attention you crave with... 

Ammunition in the Battle of the Sexes

Imagine if cupid moved from bows & arrows to modern machine guns, and you get the idea!

AMMO allows you to go out and hit 'em where it counts: down there... 

(yes, you know where!)

It's a pheromone cologne that's really easy for you to use. No thinking is required...  just "spritz n' go."

It has a balanced blend of 5 human pheromones in a unique, top notch cologne.

The cologne was designed for us by no less than world's #1 fragrance designer. They're the secret designer behind many of the award-winning brand name colognes you're familiar with. 

You could easily find this cologne in the department store, next to all of the other bottles that cost between $65 to $90. 

The pheromonal blend in AMMO has been shown to get you friendly and, yes, even sexual attention. All without being excessive or overbearing.

Just spray some AMMO on to your wrists, and maybe a shot to the chest (exact instructions below), and you're ready for a date or a night out clubbing or barhopping.

While AMMO is ideal for men club and bar going men 18-35, it's what inside the bottle the counts, and even men older than 35 have enjoyed both the pheromonal effects and the fragrance.

How to use AMMO

You use AMMO just like a cologne. 

Keep in mind it not only has an attractive scent that others will be able to easily smell, but also has human pheromones in it which will affect bothhow you feel and how others around you feel. 

Start by giving each of your wrists a full spray of AMMO. You may then use your wrists to dab some AMMO behind your ears, and downward toward your neck. 

Some people also find a spray of AMMO to the chest to works very well.

While AMMO is one of the easier pheromone products to use, the ideal amount of AMMO will vary from person to person. Just like we can't tell you how much of any cologne will smell right on you, or how much salt you'll like on your food, some experimentation is necessary.

Most users have found about 3 sprays of Ammo to be ideal. Up to 8 sprays per use are possible without using too much pheromone. Higher doses will, of course, smell more, and are only advisable you're going into an environment with lots of sensory competition (crowded bars, nightclubs, etc.)

Like all colognes, AMMO smells much more strongly at first than will in 15 minutes after the fragrance "dries down" and "settles".

AMMO only has a 10% concentration of fragrance, versus 15 to 20% found in most colognes and sprays, and for good reason. This allows you to use more sprays of AMMO than you'd be able to use of a normal cologne.   

For the more experienced, or men over 30,
 you may want to consider the double strength version which provides 15mcg total pheromones per spray (5mcg androstenone). With the stronger version, you can apply more pheromone and less cologne. A maximum of 4 sprays of the stronger version is advisable. 

Combinations & Modifications

AMMO is balanced and will be great for most people by itself. For others, it'll provide a fantastic starting point. Here's some recommendations on how to extend and modify the effects of AMMO: 

For some users, adding a drop or two of Shine has increased the attention getting and sexually suggestive effects of AMMO, without making the mix too serious or overwhelming. Try applying Shine to your neck to affect you more than others, or to your wrists to affect others more than you.

To increase the raw sexuality (and seriousness), use along with 1-3 sprays of Turn Up The Heat. Consider applying the Turn Up the Heat directly to your chest.

To make the mix friendlier, lighter and some might even say "sillier"... use 1-5 drops of Come Talk to Me or Mr. Charisma applied to your wrists or to the hair on your head. 

How much to use and value

Applications all cost less than a beverage, and are a lot more fun!

The following costs are before any promotions and discounts. With our current 2 bottle promo, cut these costs in half. The 4 bottle promo reduces the prices even more.

Users under 30 can usually get away with just 1 spray, allowing an Ammo enhanced experience to cost about 76 cents.

Users over 30 are generally best off with 2 sprays. 2 sprays still costs under $1.50 per use.

Users over 50 will generally need 2 sprays minimum, and may feel best with using 3.

Older men who are on a clean diet and extraordinarily fit often have the same requirements as younger men.

Where To Apply

Try applying to the back of your hands for best use. In summer months when you're wearing less clothing, the inside of the elbow is also excellent. Chest and neck application work well. Back of neck has proven to work well for many.

For anybody who is new to seeing pheromonal effects and wants them to be extra obvious, you can try applying to hair. Hair is the most diffusive application point, but also one of the hardest to clean. Still -- it can worth using this application points a few times.


Ammo comes in a 5ml bottle, which delivers 40 sprays. This is typically 40 uses for young men, and 20 uses for men over 30. See above for cost per use calculation.

Contains 5 human pheromones in an attractive department store quality cologne. 

The primary effects from the product should last approximately 6 hours. Lesser effects should be noticeable all day, and may run into the next day. 

90 Day Complete & Utter Satisfaction Guarantee 

Like all the products you get here, AMMO comes with our famous manufacturer-backed, 90 day complete & utter satisfaction guarantee. You'll get noticeable results that you want or your money back. We give you the return policy that we ourselves wish all stores we shop with had.

We're so serious about this, that we actually built easy, automated returns and exchanges right into the order system! It's as fast to do returns and exchanges, as it is to order. That's right, there's no one you have to call for approval, and no guessing as to where you send returns. 

You can truly relax shopping here, knowing that returns and exchanges really are easy and hassle free.