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Super Smooth

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Now introducing the all-new Super Smooth.

What is it?

We’ve taken the runaway success, feel-good formula “Smooth” (what one young user called “girlfriend crack”) and pumped it up for summer.

This version of Smooth came about with recent essential oil and mone experiments, and it’s a banger.

It's Smooth with social superpowers.

Super Smooth is:

  • a little over 37% stronger with pheromonal active ingredients
  • Enhanced with scientifically validated essential oils that make it smell and feel more addictive (omg, you need to smell this!)
  • A technological masterpiece. Scroll down for more details. Further particle reduced to better reach those using HEPA vacuum bags and K&N filters as COVID face masks 😆

Let's cut to the chase.

What it does for you

The cares of the world slip away when using this with your partner, be it your long term partner or someone you’re dating for the day. You just get these miraculously good times, with almost no reported negatives. 

Users of the original Smooth formula reported:

  • Optimism
  • Excitement for life
  • Having a good future
  • Carefree feelings
  • Fun together
  • Good times
  • Laughing like a kid again

From the feedback I’ve been hearing, I’d say this is fast becoming a de facto essential if you have a lady or ladies in your life. It makes us purr, and that’s a good thing!

Those with social anxiety report especially good results. It's one of the highly prized formulas for both attraction and going out and winning socially.

They smile with their eyes

Even six feet apart, I’ve seen it reduce a lot of social tension, bringing on quite a few eye wrinkling smiles.

It’s when people smile with their eyes that shows you the smile is real, and of course, if you’re aware enough you can see and feel over a facemask.

It won’t necessarily make people violate physical boundaries like Shine does, but people certainly wish they could be near. You can tell. To women it’s even more obvious. We see all the little things guys don’t. There’s a lot of real time, real world “likes” going on.

Super Smooth is a truly wonderful “good vibes guy” type of formula. Everyone who’s affected really likes being around it.

We've received reports that Smooth is sexy as heck, and it achieves it without androstenone. For the sensitive, you'll be relieved to hear that Super Smooth contains no androstenone.

This opens up a whole set of possibilities even for women wearers. As a woman, I even like to wear Smooth and Super Smooth from time to time on my own as a picker upper. It's really something special. Super Smooth seems like an all-around great outing for both men and women.

Exclusive Particle Reduction Technology

Androtics has switched to an exclusive new touchless, energy based mixing system which reduces agglomeration (molecules sticking together) and physical particle size.


Why is this awesome?

Smaller particle size = more potency, less required product for max efficiency. 

Micronized droplets increase surface area on your skin. This increases coverage on your skin as a diffusion surface. It also extends the release curve of the product, giving Super Smooth longer effect time. 

We’ve noticed that social formulas in particular feel stronger this way.

While most formulas are optimized for 2 sprays, since it hits harder with particle reduction, you may be able to get away with only one spray. You may notice that one simply "works better", or that you find that you need less sprays to achieve the same or similar results. It really depends on your body chemistry and preferences. 

The new cold process has many benefits including particle size reduction, lack of metal ion contamination, and a whole bunch of other neat stuff science nerds love.  It’s all very futuristic and cool. Very "new decade".

Top Shelf Swiss Bottles for Maximum Performance

Super Smooth comes in a new, tough 10 ml Swiss made bottle, with a French precision sprayhead. The ultra deep violet glass (usually black in appearance) has excellent protective qualities that makes your formulas last longer.

Smooth will last most users more than a month of daily use (1-2 sprays a day), but if you’re like many users and just use Super Smooth on Friday and Saturday, it could easily last up to 8 months — especially with UV C blocking glass.

There is no “B version” of this one, but there’s certainly a lot of opportunities to play around on your own. I’d love to hear about your mixes with Shine, P96 an other feel good mixes, or even renegade mixes with seemingly unrelated formulas.

Tech Specs

Let's talk about the tech specs.

Super Smooth is a limited run. We made just 100 bottles to start, as particle reduction equipment only allows small batches — and it does take quite some time to process.

Super Smooth is available in a 10 ml, 70 spray bottle.

Target dosage: 1 spray/day

Works with as little as 1 spray. Cost per use at full retail is as low as 73 cents per use. Even less with discounts or specials we occasionally have.

Application Tips

Depending on the humidity, indoor/outdoor, and airflow of the environment, you can influence those within up to a 10 foot / 2 metre radius.

To maximize your affect on others, you'll want to apply to your more public and diffusive parts. Think about points that are already warm or sweaty, because these are traditionally diffusive from an evolutionary and practical standpoint.

Anywhere you feel a heartbeat are great places to apply. Your neck (near the carotid), your chest, your wrists.

Anywhere you have a "pit" is a great place to apply. Elbow pits, arm pits, knee pits.

Pro tip: if you talk with your hands a lot, the back of your hands are a great place to apply. Waving your hands helps circulate the molecules helping you influence the limbic systems of others in your sphere.

Pro tip 2: Hand/wrist applications are a stealthy superpower. You can sneakily blow your 'mones in the direction of your audience, easy peasy.