Hunted Pheromone Cologne For Men

Hunted Pheromone Cologne For Men

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The Hunter Becomes the Hunted. 

If you’ve been wanting a good attractant with minimal downsides, this is it! This is what you’ve been hoping and waiting for. Hunted Pheromone Cologne for Men.

New for 2018, and almost two decades in the making, I can proudly say that this is the state of the art in attraction tech.

Come on, admit it... Are you ever jealous when women talk about all of the looks, stares and other attention they get?

Of course you are. We all are.

While too much attention becomes uncomfortable, as men, we’re usually not privy to this type of attention. We hear women complain about this strong attention, and think privately to ourselves “I wish that could be me.” We’ve all wished we could “walk in their shoes” from time to time.

Well, we still don’t have the physical beauty or energy of women, but now you can get a taste of the attention normally reserved for them.

Over 18 years of Androtics technology has gone into this one. 

This one still uses some androstenone, which is the male pheromone that almost smells like a locker room. However, it’s hidden under our amazing “Blue Summer” scent and heavily buffered with some very effective social technology.

If you’re a fan of Ammo cologne, it’s a definite must try. An exclusive license to sell Ammo has been given to another company, and we have not yet been cross-licensed to carry it. In the meantime, we know you’ll be pleased with Hunted. It uses the same scent as Ammo Summer formula, but with an updated pheromone formula.

Hunted comes in our standard 5ml bottle, which gives you 20 amazing life experiences at the recommended 2 sprays per experience.

At full price, that’s just $2.45 USD per experience. That could be half that if you find this formula to be too strong for your biotype.

That’s still less than lattes and fancy coffee drinks, and a heck of a lot more fun. Far less than even one drink at most bars and nightclubs.

Pheromones are now more advanced than ever, but still cheaper than almost any other experience. Even a visit to an amusement park would cost at least 20x more in most cities, and frankly, Hunted is a lot more fun in so many ways. 


Attraction is very complex, since it involves mating and very possible long term consequences. Sometimes we end up marrying or having child with people who are attracted to us, so Mother Nature has intentionally made this much more complex than the typical social situation. That’s why attraction is not 100% controllable by man made human scents yet. There are individual components that would likely be unwise to completely bypass.

Generally speaking, this formula will tend to work best with attractive women over the age of 25. Exactly who it attracts depends on the woman’s own biochemistry that day, which is not exactly in our control. There will be an element of luck involved, but overall you’re going to find you’re far “luckier” than normal.

You may not be able to control who this attracts, but we know you’ll find it incredibly fun. You can take the attraction it gives you, and do with it as you may. You may be just find it fine to be on the receiving end for once, or you might want to take it to the next level. It’s up to you.

Whether you just want to feel vital again, or “sow your wild oats”, as they say, Hunted will help give you more of what you really want.