Gentleman — Classy, High Value Male (HVM) Formula. (In the new Swiss made bottle)
Gentleman — Classy, High Value Male (HVM) Formula. (In the new Swiss made bottle)

Gentleman — Classy, High Value Male (HVM) Formula. (In the new Swiss made bottle)

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Warm. Dependable. You have a flair of authenticity. 

You’re not just an ordinary guy. You’re that guy. 

Wearing a dressy but not too stuffy outfit to work, you stand out as the one to pay attention to. The one who’s going places. 

Gentleman, as with A314, has been described as wearing a suit even when you’re not physically wearing one. It’s that type of perception upgrade.

Younger men can wear Gentleman to project a classier, well polished version of themselves when A314 brings too much heft to the scene. That’s not to say it’s not respectable. You’ll carry your own in a room with all eyes on you. You’re charming enough to lead others to your point of view, without weighing them down with heavy seniority. It’s charm. It’s sincere. 

You’re as serious as you need to be but nothing too much. You can joke and banter, play charismatically with people individually or in a group, but people know who the high value guy is in the room. You’re valuable and they know it.

“Most likely to succeed”

“Leadership material”

This is what these words and phrases were meant for.

Whether or not you were a Boyscout as a kid, you sure feel like a scout that grew into an excellent man now.

Gentlemen of yore may not have been born into families of lords or masters, but they were well-heeled. Well fella, that’s you. Well heeled.

If life is a game, then Gentleman increases many of your positive male attributes and “stats”. +3 here, +1 there, +7 overs there. With a little work on your part to play the role of a gentleman,  you may find you’re one of those rare men that people of all types genuinely like to nearby. A truly prized asset.

Gentleman is relationship material.

Gentleman, like A314, is better for men looking for girlfriends or men already in a relationship. They have a warm, protective, “good provider” vibe. Traditional positive male attributes are enhanced. You make women feel safe and nurtured. You are the High Value Male (HVM).

Gentleman is not a good choice for playing the field.

It’s better for attracting and keeping high value women who are looking for a relationship. Great girlfriends and “marriage material”. So-called “High Value Women”.

It also tends to repel women not looking for this.

If you’re in that phase of life where the last thing you want is a girlfriend, you may want to try a more casual dating formula, such as Hunted or Ammo.

— There’s a warm, loving feel to gentleman that all people tend to like, even children and seniors

Both Gentleman and A314 tend to provide good family-compatible and “pillar of the community” type presence.

— Have to meet your girlfriend’s parents?

They’ll tend to approve of you when wearing Gentleman.

— Gentleman is softer and less commanding than A314, but still garners a good deal of respect

— Some men experience self effects, which make them feel stronger, more assertive and more manly.

If you’ve typically been seen as a beta male, and want to try something different in life — Gentleman may be your first step out. Alpha A314 is the next step up after Gentleman.

— There’s a sort of zen leadership vibe to Gentleman. 

Despite having been on the market for over a decade at other retailers, Gentleman feels modern, like how some Silicon Valley and other “celebrity” CEOs prefer to be seen on TV (whether they’re truly that way or not)

The other leadership formula, Alpha A314, is stronger, but more commanding and less cooperative in nature. It’s more like a “traditional” CEO. You have your orders, and assume they’ll be fulfilled.

— Younger people have tended to prefer Gentleman for both work and dating over A314. It doesn’t assert seniority or dominance as much as A314. It’s softer, which tends to be more to younger people’s liking. Can also be good for the young at heart! (Some guys never fully grow up, and we get that)

An easy way to think of think is that Gentleman is the Prince. A314 is the King. Or that Gentleman is one of A314s sons.

— Gentleman is safe to wear almost anywhere, even when you’re using it for attraction.

Unlike heavy androstenone containing products, it won’t work against you at work, family or religious gatherings. It won’t “clear the room” like an animal in heat (which is more the idea behind our Hunter formula). Gentleman is life compatible to the extreme.

If you read the warnings we’ve provided for some attraction formulas and feel skittish, then Gentleman is an excellent choice for you. Unless it badly clashes with your particular body chemistry, which is extremely rare, there’s really only upside without significant downsides.

— The worst thing we hear

Probably the worst thing we’ve heard about both Gentleman and A314, when used for attraction, is that women tend to view you as a “Keeper”. This only gets in your way if you seriously want to be the next Don Juan. However, we’ve found that the majority of men are perfectly content with one great woman in their lives.

The “pickup artist” community seems intent on taking smart men who’d be happy with one great quality girl and turning them into insatiable pariahs... but the fact is, over 80% of guys are quite happy with an attractive, loving, low drama girlfriend or wife.

However, it’s still a life choice. Some guys like fast food, some prefer a hardy meal that fills them up. It’s up to you who you want to be, and how you want to live your life.

It’s also ok to go through phases in your life. It happens to most men. You’re still OK.

Think of it like being a kid... remember back to when you wanted to play astronaut, and another day a doctor? Well, in adult life, sometimes you play Don Juan, while at other times you want something serious and more fulfilling. We’re here to help with whatever you want to experience.

— As with all pheromone products, we recommend you take a day or two off wearing it per week. Constant wear can lead to too much buildup and normalization.

“Every other day” is also a reasonable wear pattern, as sometimes people find they get even better reactions the next day after the formula has had a chance to mix with their own body chemistry.


This first batch of Gentleman V1.1 comes with a mild amount of the Androtics‘ “Blue” fragrance to enhance product performance (mostly helping to transfer the human identical molecules from your skin to the air around you in a timely fashion)

This is 1/5th to 1/12th cologne strength, and smells about as strong as the scent left by many shampoos. It is not a cologne in and of itself. In fact, you can often boost the power of this formula by applying your own cologne over your application points.

We’re currently working on amplifying the strength of our “Stealth” non-fragranced tech, and will likely offer this formula with that tech once testing is complete. There is a small amount of Stealth v1 in Gentleman to help diffusion.


Gentleman comes both in a new 10ml spray (in the same Swiss-made black glass as the oil products), as well as a 5ml oil.

It comes in our new bottle, with this batch of glass made in Switzerland and spray top made in France. 

While Gentleman was originally designed with the idea of using 2 sprays or drops, it was particularly popular with younger men, many of which found that one spray worked well. Some others may need 2. Much older men may even need more.

At 1 spray or drop, you get up to 60 experiences per spray bottle, and 145 per oil.

At 2, you get up to 30 experiences per spray bottle and up to 72 per oil.

With the spray version, you also get an extra bottle for science! 

The “A” bottle contains the regular, retail version, while “B” bottle contains a variation of the formula.

The bottle for science comes in a 5mL white plastic atomizer that contains another 40 sprays, which provides 20 to 40 days of use for most men.

Just like going to the eye doctor, you’ll find that either the A or B bottle works better for you. Let us know so we can keep upgrading and the refining the formula with time.

If you’d like to try both the new oil and all of the sprays, there’s a bundle available at a special combination price.

There’s also the special launch pricing your can take advantage of for the next few weeks. It’s a great time to give Gentleman and the new Swiss made bottles a try!

How to apply

Apply to the same areas as you could perfume or cologne. Removal with bar soap works best, especially with “old time” formulas such as castile.

Keep in mind that the greater the surface area you apply it to, the better it works.

The formulator of these products has become rather fond of applying at least one spray or drop of oil spread out to cover the back of his hands, being careful to only clean the front of his hands when’s doing active product testing.

That’s a spot not many cologne wearers use, but it’s brilliant because the back of the hands are almost always exposed, regardless of the season and it’s clothing requirements.

You can also covertly blow on the back of your hands gently, to surreptitiously transfer more of the active molecules to the air around you.

There’s many things you can do with this back of the hands application. For instance, go into a thinking pose with your hand on your chin, and use your warm breath to give the molecules a little extra oomph quite easily.

Another “hack” that more experienced people sometimes use is hair application. The average person has somewhere around 100,000 hairs on their head, and head itself is very warm.

When you absolutely need the molecules to transfer well to the air around you, the hair is a perfect area. Just make sure you have a shampoo that’s good at removing scents. We used to make recommendations, but brands of shampoo change radically around the world. You may need to try a few. 

New bottle details

Just like the oil bottles, the new spray bottle comes from Switzerland, and the spray head comes from France.

Some of the future glass shipments may come from Germany, but the current batch is made in Switzerland. Both are fine countries for glass production.

All of the worlds most famous, clearest and strongest glass comes from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. From camera lenses (Leica, Carl Zeiss) to fine liquor glasses to these bottles, these countries do something with glass that nobody else seems to understand. They’re the true glass making experts of the world.

These things are solid. They protect the insides with world’s most strongest visible light and UV C shield. They’re not known to leak. They seal tightly and limit unwanted air exchange (oxygen exposure which degrades your formula). They feel substantial in the hand. We’re told you can even run them over with a light vehicle, but we haven’t tried that ourselves yet. All in all, it’s an incredible piece of glass to protect your formula.

If the military used a glass spray bottle, we’re sure they’d use something like this. 

All of the world’s finest colognes and perfumes come from France, so the French made spray head has a very fine mist suited to the job. The smaller the droplet size, the better coverage you can get on your skin, which leads to better diffusion.

Why change?

We were tired of American suppliers selling us their supposed high quality “American made” bottles, many of which felt like they came from China. So now we’ve switch to almost entirely European supply chain. (Except for extra “B Bottle” for science, to keep costs somewhat reasonable)

Gentleman is the first to use the new bottle, but eventually all product lines will be switched over.

These bottles alone sell for $10 each on their very own, so may wish to keep them and rinse them with a few sprays of high proof, preferably flavorless alcohol (such as vodka or Everclear) to clean them out. 70% Isopropyl works well, too, although it’ll leave some of it’s own scent behind.

You may read more about the benefits of the deep ultraviolet glass here:

New Androtics spray bottle is leak proof and blocks the entire spectrum of visible light

There’s a lot of interesting history involving deep violet and black glass, going back to alchemical times and before. Some of the history, while interesting, starts to veer deeply into woo territory, which is not what we’re interested in.

We’re using it for it’s scientifically proven protective qualities, which stem from it’s ability to block the entire visible spectrum of light, as well as damaging UV C. Moreover, we’re after the quality of the glass itself, which no other region of the world produces.

There are other European made bottles and sprayers we’ve considered, but these are the the very best of the ones we’ve been able to acquire in reasonable quantities. Other ones we’ve tested and liked would require us to buy a full shipping container at a time. With some of the more compact designs, this can mean over a million bottles per shipment, which is too many for a company of our size. Those types of shipments are usually reserved for dedicated bottle sellers and distributors. Even major fragrance makers rarely have a “run” that goes into the millions.

We hope you love Gentleman!

Just in case you don’t, remember, you can exchange a product 120 days (4 months) from the day you receive it. 

Just like clothing and cologne, not everything works the best with every person and biotype. That’s why we’re happy to send you other formulas to help you find what works best for you.

The only exclusion is on limited edition “art” formulas. These are primarily limited special editions of A314, such Dark Water, which are produced in too low a quantity to offer like this. Everything else, though, is available for you to try.

We just ask that you be sincere, as this policy exists so we can legitimately help you find what works best for you. This covers sincere customers, and is not for people who intentionally abuse stores with great policies, such as LL Bean and Nordstrom.