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A314: “Dark Water” Status Boosting Pheromone for Men (Elite Limited Edition)

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Dark Water is a rare, limited elite edition of A314 for connoisseurs made with all natural components. 

400 bottles have been made.

Dark Water has been several years in the making. The formula has literally been curing for a little over 4 years now, as natural products tend to work better when given time to meld together. Think fine wine and spirits. The concept is very similar.

This contains some of the world's finest oils including Oudh. This gives the formula a dark richness.

This richness floats along an ample amount of sea derived musks, including ever rare whale ambergris. The overall scent ends up being darker and more incense like than it smells obviously oceanic, but you can palpably feel the whale musks. They’re designed to travel a great distance — and boy, do they.

Only the very finest for the most discerning clients. Not enough scent to be overwhelming, but a hint of something truly exquisite and rare. Something truly beautiful. Nature's own scentsual art.

Functionally, these fine oils give A314 more range than usual. Your power and presence will be projected and noticed across the room. Perfect for speakers and  thought leaders.

The social effects are more rounded. Almost more natural feeling. Nature's best oils almost bring another layer of pheromone type effects on their own. Something analog. Something warm and very much real.

Traditionally, people who’ve worn the A314 special editions end up taking several quick sniffs of the formula throughout the day. It’s a secret pleasure that tends to increase their self of self, enhance their masculinity, and embolden their forwardness.

This Elite Special Edition contain exactly 4x as many natural oils as one of our previous favorite special editions, which was called A314 Royale.

We've recently been offered $500 for bottles of Royale. Well... we don't have any more Royale to give, but we can give you this new masterpiece for even less. 

We're now releasing 30 bottles of Dark Water per month, which means Dark Water will be on offer for exactly 1 year before it is all gone.

In lieu of requests we’ve received recently, the last few bottles like likely go for more than is being asked for today.

If you’re an A314 fan, reserve yours today. We know you’ll love it!

Important: Dark Water is exclusively for people that already know and love standard A314

As Dark Water is a limited release, we ask that you only buy Dark Water  if you've tried & like the standard edition of Alpha A314.

Think in terms of art and artistic prints.

Dark Water is an expensive to produce "art" version of A314. The commercial version is A314 Standard, which we ask you to try if you are new to products such as this. 

Said another way, there's not that many bottles of Dark Water to go around. It was made exclusively for the fans of A314.