Truth Serum Communication Pheromone

Truth Serum Communication Pheromone

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Truth Serum is a variation of one of the formulas that has been previously given to interrogators, special operatives, and high end attorneys (some you've certainly heard of, including a man helped take down OJ Simpson).

It was provided only upon special request at $300 to $500 per bottle. If it's reintroduced to this select market, it will likely cost far more than that, as we're in a different era than when this previously most sold. B2B (business to business) and B2G (business to government) pricing has increased enormously since that time.

The current batch is highly limited, and is really quite a good deal, however it does come with several important caveats. Please read and understand completely before buying this formula.

While you could think of it as supercharged Honesty, it may higher powered, yes, but also a bit more crude and rough around the edges. It has not been tested by tens of thousands of users, as many of the truly consumer oriented products have.

Instead, think of it like a crude mind hacking tool, and you'll have a more accurate idea of what it does. If you've studied questioning and interrogation techniques, it tends to work even better.

Unlike most formulas on this site, we do not recommend this for newbies... or the weak at heart. 

Keep in mind that historically this was given to tough individuals.

You don't necessarily need to be in the upper echelon of toughness to use it, but it's not an all light and rainbows consumer grade formula, either.

Also keep in mind that this does, as previously users have said, make one feel "rather weird", and generally makes you tire earlier, and require more sleep.

So it's sort of like Honesty + Espresso + a little bit of crude mind cracking "special sauce".

Why is this being made available now?

We wanted to have something fun and unusual to give you for the holidays. That's often modus operandi #1 whenever we're figuring out what to offer next.

A few people have even brought up stronger versions of Honesty in chat, which used to be referred to "Military Grade Honesty" on Androtics' old forum. So some interest has been shown by the few that have an idea something like this exists. If nobody brought it up, we probably wouldn't, either.

Lastly, we have two of our own reasons.

The first is that we're preparing a store exclusively for the use of law enforcement individuals, and figured it might be nice to test with a wider audience first. The formulas Michael made for special ops were always very satisfying, but the audience was very limited.

We're also considering offering a more consumer grade version of this product. Something stronger than Honesty, but not as jarring as what law enforcement might find acceptable.

You'll find an initial variation of this in the "B" bottle, which is included.


This uses a small amount of Neroli (orange), which is at about the strength of stronger shampoo or conditioner.

What you get

You get two bottles. The default "mind warping" classic in the "A" bottle, and a new "B" bottle for science.

The V1.1A bottle is one of the classics that has previously been given to very demanding individuals. You get up to 70 uses with the "A" bottle.

Many of our mixes are calibrated for 2 sprays, but really, 1 will do it with Truth Serum.

That said, law enforcement sometimes would use quite a few sprays or even apply to hair to enhance diffusion. Some people just do what works and works fastest. It depends greatly on your application.

Think about how different people approach pest management (bugs, unwanted animals, etc). Everyone is very different in how they approach these things, right? Well, same thing here.

Personality and sheer need play a huge role in how you use Truth Serum.

There's many different approaches that can work, given your own preferences and the time you have available to you.

You also get a "B Version" for science, in which the formulator, Michael Harris, is trying to make something with similar benefits that’s a little calmer and friendlier to use.

Some of our B bottles still come in the old plastic spray bottle, but not this one.

Due to the cost of making this product, we'd hate to have to replace it, so it, too, comes from the get it in all Swiss made glass, and has up to 35 uses.

Scratch that... as an extra launch special, we’ll make the extra B bottle the same size as the A bottle! Same 10mL. Same 70 uses.

With the mega-strength of the initial version of Truth Serum, conservative users can get up to 140 uses from these two.

These launch specials temporarily bring down the cost of Truth Serum to near any other premium mix (and lower than a few, despite the extra costs of military strength everything.)


Final Warnings & Legal 

Please understand that by buying and/or using Truth Serum, you agree to hold us harmless.

We've given you warnings and suggestions to use responsibility, but we ultimately can't control what you do. Please follow them. This particular product is not a toy. 

Please avoid driving or operating heavy machinery while using Truth Serum.

Please do not wear as the pilot or the passenger of an airplane.

i.e, do not endanger yourself or others. While wearing this formula, do not go near anybody that could hurt others if they "messed up" doing their jobs.

These molecules are very real, and while it can "fun" to "play" with them, it's definitely not fun in certain contexts.

When things really count, do not expose people using potentially dangerous machines to this product.

Before driving, operating machinery, or taking a flight again, please wash off thoroughly with bar soap (old style castille tends to work best), and we sincerely recommend get a good long sleep.

We recommend at least 8 hours after removal until you engage with transportation again. Until we get self-driving everything, humans working in precision operations are too fragile to be exposed to stronger formulas like this.

Basically, the easiest thing to do, when you want the effects of the formula to end is as follows:

1. Shower off and/or bathe. Make it a long shower or bath, and do a thorough job.

2. When bathing, a cup or two baking soda will do wonders for removal, especially if you have a jetted tub.

3. After cleaning, put on a fresh set of night clothes, take a nice sleep

4. When waking up, change from your sleeping clothing to a fresh pair of daytime clothing. A different pair than you used with this product.

5. Launder your previous days clothing, and whatever night clothing you slept in, in a warm or hot water wash with Oxiclean or equivalent.


Make sure you use Oxiclean (sodium per carbonate) or an color safe oxidizer (sodium per carbonate, hydrogen peroxide, etc) in a washer set to "warm" or "hot" on clothing that may have received overspray from this product.

The cold setting does not allow sodium percarbonate to work adequately. Some machines also do not actually have a true warm setting. Ensure that your machine fills with at least warm water for the deactivating power of the oxidizer to work effectively.

It's not hard, and what we've written here may make things appear to be scarier than they actually are once you get used to things, but you do need to follow these precautions.

Remember, test formulas have been used on tens of thousands of people without significant issues.

There are many more dangerous chemicals used in daily life than these, but you still need to use these molecules with respect -- especially the heaviest formulas.

Think about how one uses alcohol. As the saying goes, “use responsibly”.

There’s a time and place for everything, and you really need to think about that with stronger formulas.

Would you use alcohol and drive or fly a plane? Equally, would you give your driver or pilot alcohol?

No to both, which is why you should exercise the same caution with formulas such as this.

It's simply how you go about things that matters. Practice enhanced hygiene, and make sure you never expose people that have to stay focused to do their jobs properly.

Thank you for reading, understanding and following the precautions.

If, after all this, you want something a little more consumer friendly, try Honesty. It’s still good to follow the precautions above as best you can, but the milder formula is more forgiving.

Or if Truth Serum and Honesty both tickle your fancy, checkout the Brain Mining Mega Pack and get everything. Both launch bottles of Truth Serum, and all 3 bottles of Honesty. We can imagine Honesty being more of a “go to” blend, for more frequent use, while Truth Serum is kept for special occasions),