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Molecule A Pheromone Oil for Men

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Start of Summer Flash Sale!

Molecule A is a ton of fun!

Famous with our long term users, we think you’ll find Molecule A perfect for summer time (or for a summer feeling any time). It gives many people a real, uplifting rush.

Molecule A brings on a carefree, anxiolytic, youthful affect.

One really interesting aspect of Molecule A is that it tends to reduce personal space, and sometimes contributes to crowding. Probably because it makes most people feel really darn good, so they naturally gravitate to the cause of those feelings.

Make people "brighten up" when you're around with Molecule A. Be remembered as the one who brings the good times. Now in a limited edition high dose oil.

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This ones with our Stealth diffusion package. It has only a light human scent that most people like. You can make this molecule last longer and diffuse in different ways by spraying a cologne on top of wherever you apply it.

This is a high dose product.

You get up to 145 uses per bottle. It's so potent even 1 drop can work, although more can be merrier.

It costs as little as 61 US cents per use, even at full retail. Less when you use a new or loyal customer discount. This is perhaps the most bang for your buck on the entire site.

Molecule A also tends to be very safe, with no significant downsides. If people respond, they feel good around you. If people don’t respond, no big deal. If you respond, you tend to just feel good. Excited. It’s been reported to be like caffeine for your feelings. 

Many report an anxiolytic (anxiety reducing) effect, although we can’t sell it as such. While we’re obviously mentioning it, we mean this in the same way that berries tend to make many people relaxed and happy. It’s just something that quite a few people have experienced and reported. We can’t change people’s experiences, and you will see this mentioned in many user reports regardless of what we say.

However, we must strongly emphasize that we do not recommend this at all for the treatment of any disease. You need reliable treatments from your doctor for disease conditions, and we really mean that. Mostly pheromones are a fun thing to use on other people to have more social adventures with... they’re not as reliable for self use, as we tend to get used to what we wear.

We feel that the value of self-effects you may feel is that you get a taste of what others feel around you socially. Other people aren’t with you all the time, so they won’t get used to pheromones you wear nearly as quickly as you will. If you feel the uplift many mention when first using this, you can be rest assured that many others (but not all, see below) will feel similarly when you’re around.

Your first experience is a very valuable thing to write down and remember. You’ll know that even years on, people you pass by will tend to feel the same around you as you first did. It’s a great thing to note. You can even note your first experiences here on this website.


* Please note that we’ve observed that Molecule A works best with those are mostly healthy, and biologically primed to respond strongly. 

It may not work well on people with compromised sense of smell, such as smokers. It also doesn’t seem to work well on those who consume poor diets, where food is nutritionally deplete or commonly overcooked. 

As this is a single molecule, it works a little bit differently than does a “mix” of many molecules. If people don’t respond, there’s nothing else to fall back on. So you’ll tend to find either that people respond to this one, or they simply don’t. Additionally, this is a not a shy product — this is on the higher end of the dosing scale. So you tend to see more of a binary response than analog.