Attraction Pheromones For Men

Most attraction formulas depend on a pheromone called androstenone. This is a highly polarizing pheromone which tends to attract women who are in the most sexual time of their cycle. I.e, near ovulation.


Thankfully, 1out of every 30 women you see of reproductive age is ovulating right now. And women, while ovulating, tend to go out more to bars and club, as well as use apps such as Tinder. This increases your “odds” even more.


A few important considerations:

As much as people these days want to say sex is not about reproduction, this is not how things work. Perhaps with genetic engineering we could divorce sexual desires and urges completely from reproduction, but for the vast majority of heterosexual people this hasn’t happened yet.

Thanks to television, movies and even books, attraction pheromones are what most people think of when they hear the word pheromone. However, as humans are social creatures first, this is not necessarily true. Humans are social before they mate. This is why skilled “pickup artists” can often work with any of the social enhancement formulas here, from Openness to Come Talk TO Me, to Warm. They can especially do a lot male presence enhancements such as Alpha A314 and Gentleman. Remember, humans are social animals first. We are not pigs or other base creatures. Socialness always comes before sexual contact.