Quick Ideas for Women

Important: Make sure you see the section labeled “A word on oils vs sprays” at the very end so you better understand what you use, and when


Lust After Me oil, Drive Him Crazy oil, Bright spray

We feel Lust After Me and Bright are generally best to use anywhere. Drive Him Crazy, perhaps, should be reserved for when you have specific targets in mind as it sends a submissive signal — fantastic around the right partner (or potential partner). 

Many, many things can work for attraction — as the slightest stimuli can set men off, which is why we’re even recommending our new mood brightening formula, Bright. Although not intended to have attractive properties, per se, as we’re learning in the field, it’s still plenty attractive!

Men are often far more attracted to us than we even think, although in this day and age, they can sometimes use some help being more bold. 

Men often need the permission to act, and the internal motivation to overcome perceived barriers. Behind the scenes, we’ve been working on formulas that contain not just those attractive pheromones, but pheromones to motivate men. 

Alternatively, you can use a formula to make them loose and goofy, to encourage them to overlook social mores!

Again, Bright is new, but definitely lends itself well to easing tension in the atmosphere... especially the experimental version 1.0B which can make some men and women alike giddy. 

So can Smooth, which is meant for men to wear around women, although it’s mostly women who get the giddy effect around it. Nonetheless, for men of a certain body chemistry, it’s also an effective to lift their moods, too — which is an excellent effect to have on others.

Date time with the man:

Drive Him Crazy oil, Lust After Me oil

Drive Him Crazy is a more supplicant or submissive formula. Traditional “girly girl”, what men are talking about when they talk about times of old, or when they hint they want to run off to Eastern Europe or Russia.

It uses the ultra-rare “Molecule H”, which can be a big turn on to a man you are partnered with... unless you “wear the pants” in the family (and he likes it, which plenty of modern men do!), in which case you want a more dominant “Molecule L” based formula.

We don’t currently stock any Molecule L formulas, as this is a incredibly rare molecule that’s hard to make for all but the world’s best chemists. (Molecule H is even more difficult, but we happen to have a little bit of stock remaining)

Good news, we’re busy working on a new women’s only store — and Molecule H and L (and everything else women want) will be coming back in a big way! If we can provide enough regular work to specialty chemists, they’ll be happy to supply us.

Social maximization:

Bright, Come Talk to Me, Fuzzy Wuzzies

Family (kid friendly, too):

Warm, Bright, Calm, Honesty, Come Talk to Me, P96, Fuzzy Wuzzies

Bright brings light and excitement

Warm uses motherly pheromones, which can be extra amazing in 2020/2021. It has a real cocoon of love effect.

P96 is just magic everywhere. Gaining in popularity, this is turning out to be the universal “magic sauce” pheromone. Or put another way, it’s starting to take the position butter has in cooking!

Work optimization:

Honesty, Truth Serum

Some women can get by with a drop of A314 increasing their authority, although we’re now working on women’s only formulas to accomplish exactly that. 

In the meantime, just a smidge of A314 can help us fill roles that years ago would be thought of as a “man’s job” — even though we’re more than up to it... we’re Queens, after all! Queens are strong.

Making new friends:

Honesty, Come Talk to Me, Bright

Honesty makes people feel like they’ve known each other for their whole lives, which has quite a few downstream effects — from increasing Honesty to making fast friends.

Think of it like a relationship accelerator.

Come Talk To Me is more open feeling than Honesty, but as an oil it is slower release. Good when you have a lot of “dwell” time with others.




Guy's formulas you can use for self-effects:


Ladies, this is a big one. You’ve got to try this!

Out of all the men’s formulas, I love throwing on a spray of Smooth just to make myself happy. It’s really obvious why this works so well for men. I call it my “happy little bubble”, although some other formulas, such as Warm, can have this effect, too.

I often spray one to the neck, or longer story... I’ll spray a little on my wrists or back of my hands (a little trick the formulator taught me), then apply any overspray on my neck, under my chin, or on the lower parts of my chicks. Just a little bit near where I smell to make me feel extra-good! You don’t need much (at least I don’t)

It’d be good to have more women try this, so we can get together and the formulator know what would be good for a self-effect product just for us.

Male formulas that can be used for Intimate moments:

Turn Up the Heat, and the raw man’s formula, Hunter

Think of these as “bedroom intensifiers”. Perfect for when you want it rough and tough.

However, be very careful with these! These are potent androstenone-containing intensifiers that should, in general, be used only in home, specifically in your bedroom . Only use sparingly around the time you are ovulating. 

Even 1 spray is extremely potent. Often more potent than we like to recommend, but these were originally made for men — and they like things to be on the strong side as they don’t tend to notice subtle shifts in the atmosphere as women do.

Make sure you are completely away from these by the time you are near your period, as they can aggravate both PMDD and PMS symptoms. Use a great detergent and Oxiclean (sodium percarbonate) to remove completely from bedding.

After menopause, your mileage mary vary with how you respond, but if you’re still tuned on by the scent of a man — these may very well still work. If you’re using any type of estrogen supplementation, including herbal cohosh based ones, you will tend to respond more strongly.

We’re working on women’s only versions of these formulas, in fact we’re working on a whole new women’s store that’s intended to revolutionize your life.

If you’re at all unsure about trying these, then please wait for the new women’s store where we’ll work together with you on the new formulas!

A word on oils vs sprays

Oils are slow release, and often though as best for summer, as the summer heat increases diffusion (movement from your skin to the air around you) of perfume and  pheromones alike. 

Winter you often want more oomph... greater surface area leads to more diffusion, so sprays make a more natural choose for colder temperatures.

However, we also tend to wear more clothing in winter, which paradoxically means oils can be sometimes easier to use on those days we’re dressing up like we live in Siberia.

You generally use a drop or two behind the ears, and then a drop or two on the wrists, which is compatible even with the most huddled snow-bunny style of dressing.

The difference is, in summer (when slow release makes sense due to the higher temperatures which make perfumes and pheromones diffuse fast), you might use less of the oils, and in winter, it’s good to experiment with a few drops more. 

As these interact with your own body chemistry, including how much heat you naturally generate, a little bit of experimentation is required.

Sprays, when you have the body skin space available, do tend to work better in winter. One of our formulator’ s “tricks” is to apply 1 spray on the back of the hands. Applying to one hand, then rubbing the back of one or the other. This provides a large diffusive space, and can get the molecules even closer to others when you (and if) you speak with your hands. One of his funny (and very effective) recommendations is to look up Italian speaking with their hands on YouTube, so you can speak with greater gesticulation. 

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