Quick Idea Guide


Hunted, Hunter, Smooth, Bright

Hunted and Smooth are easiest to use for novices.

Date night feeling with the gf, wife or someone you want as a long term partner:

Smooth, A314 or Gentleman, Mr. CharismaP96

Smooth provides that giddy date night feeling makes women swoon.

A314 is the idealized man high value women want to partner with, Gentleman is the idealized younger man

Intimate moments:

Hunter, Turn Up The Heat

Social maximization:

Bright, Come Talk To Me, Mr. Charisma

Family (kid friendly, too):

Warm, Bright, Calm, Honesty, Come Talk To Me, P96

Work optimization:

Consider A314, Honesty, Truth Serum, Dark Water, Gentleman (for younger men)

Making new friends:

Honesty, Come Talk To Me, Bright


A314 and Gentleman to increase respect and the feeling of being a warm protector



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