Spring is "Warming" up. And I don't just mean the temperature!

Can you feel it?

Mmmm... I can!

Not only has spring technically arrived, the sun is actually coming out. It's here. It's finally real.

It's now that playful time of year where you can feel the buzz in the air, zapping together the atomic bonds between people.

It's the time of year when we all crawl out of our social hidey-holes and embrace the cozy golden light.

And it's during this time you have your first glorious chance of the season to make a new impression - even with those you've known for years.

You can take advantage of people's natural social proclivity during this time with a formula that heightens their feelings of warmth and bonding. You can be the person that sticks in their mind - The One they feel most comfortable with. Safe with. 

We're talking about an all-new formula called "Warm".

This is some feedback we've heard from -- or people have said to! -- our real life testers:

To some, you'll feel like you're a "missing piece" of the puzzle.

You'll feel "right where you belong."

"I can't put my finger on it, but there's just something about you."

"You make me feel safe."

"I feel like I can come out of my shell around you."

"You bring out the best in me."

"Around you, I finally feel okay for the first time in forever."

Preliminary reports have so far been quite positive. 

Check out this story from Aaron, who related it well to his family life. Best day in years!

The best way to summarize it was that everybody liked being around daddy. We really felt like a family, a happy family. It's the best Saturday I've had with the fam in a long time. [...]

For me it was like a prayer come true.

Warm is set in our signature light Neroli (Orange Flower) scent, and such a scant amount you'll barely notice it when it dries down. You can easily blend it with your own cologne if you so desire. It's just enough to cover and lift the unique and delicate pheromone blend from your skin to the intended target audience.

And for a limited time, only during the opening release of Warm, you will receive two bottles for the price of one. It's the best time to try it, because you will get to try two slightly different formulas of Warm.

All we ask is that you just let us know which one you like best. We follow iterative design principles. That means we make each batch better and better with the feedback we receive. You can play a huge role in that by sending us your "Warm" stories. We'll count it as your good deed for the week. ;o)

To the best of the season, 


PS -- If you're short on time, let me make a seasoned suggestion: I've noticed Warm is pairs great with a strong formula like A314 or A314 Dark Water.

Some people feel that A314 is a little too cold. A little too high and mighty.

The reverie your receivers feel toward your A314 signature, with an addition of a gooey warm undertone, makes for a casual strong leader.

Sometimes, that's exactly the kind of leader we most want to follow.

And that's how you can be the change you want to see in the world. 😉

Also, while Warm was designed for relationship building and relationship repair, I've gotten early reports in chat that Warm can be used for the "comfort" phase of some dating and game systems.

It's also purported to be excellent to open up girls that need a little self esteem boost. Women that have been shamed over a minor flaw or two.

Here's to the warmth of spring!

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