How to Slay Mother's Day! Part 1

Freaking out a little over what to do for Mom on Mother's Day? Fear no more, my friend. We have you covered with this huge list of ideas. You're sure to find one that works for your family!


So let's get down to business.

First things first. Say this:

“Mom, youre the best mom ever. Thank you for being there for me. I’m so lucky to have you”

The most valuable thing to your mother or the mother of your children is your time, and your undivided attention

Spend time with her. Really invest yourself 100%.

Handle your the business on your phone first, then turn the thing off or put it into airplane mode, so it’s not a distraction.

These days, especially, with everyone glancing at their phones during conversations, not doing that means a LOT.

Giving people the benefit of your concentrated time means is now unique, and it really means *everything*.

Gift idea: Get her a day out

A spa package, a gift cert to a nice restaurant.

If it seems too difficult to choose, they even have nice gift cards at places like Costco and Sam’s club.

Gift idea: Order a cleaning service

Sometimes people get bothered by having others do the cleaning and arranging... but other times, it’s so appreciated!

Mom might especially love this. She's so busy taking care of everyone else, the house and the home, and all you guys, that giving her this well earned breather would really rock her world.

Did you know you can even order cleaning services right on Amazon? It’s not hard anymore!

Take your mother and/or mother of your children shopping, and make them leave her wallet or purse at home

Almost universally, all men HATE shopping.

This is exactly why you should do it. It sets you apart and really makes an impression. It makes you an EXCEPTIONAL man. An exception to the rule.

Set 2 or 3 hours aside, and just take her shopping. Pay. Even pay when she's distracted, so they don’t compete with you or feel guilty.]


Practical gifts

If you’re going to give a practical gift, which men tend to be good at, then first make sure you give an impractical gift or experience.

Remember, this is women we’re dealing with here. You’re inside a male’s mind. What is impractical to you is practical in a woman’s world. So just trust me on this. Do something that’s all about feelings first...

Someday, when she’s old and ready to pass on, she’ll look back and remember the things that provided the feelings she’s looking for. She won’t remember a microwave (unless it’s something she became obsessed with), so do remember that practical gifts come second.

Now as far as practical gifts go, if you’re lucky enough that they’ve told you directly what they need, then go with that. Especially if it’s something they have literally been obsessing over. That means there’s feelings attached, and good feelings are what women crave most.

Sometimes you get lucky, and there’s something they’ve been asking for that they couldn’t easily afford on their own, but it would make their lives so much better or easier. If it’d be difficult expense for you, too,  maybe you can split the costs with brothers and sisters, or others can care for her.

If they haven’t asked for anything directly in awhile, then search your memory banks for hints they’ve been dropping or pain points they’ve been mentioning.

These mentions are often intentional. Women love to hint. They tell you what matters to them all the time. Some women are more subtle than others. You just have to carefully listen and then remember what they seem to mention here and there.

If you have kids, command them to get crafty!

This is something most grown men wouldn’t want to do on their own, but if you have kids, put them to task to make something for their moms, and your mom, too.

Here’s a wonderful video with “5 minute crafts”

Let them watch the video then take them to get the supplies they need at a store such as Michaels, Joanns, or the craft section of Target or Walmart. Whatever you can tolerate. *smiley face*

Kids absolutely love doing this. As their father, and basically their boss, you get credit, too!

Make it “Mother’s Week”

Everyone else will be busy on Mother’s Day itself... and it can be grueling. That is not the energy you want to bring to your #1 lady on her special day.

Make some effort on Mother’s day itself, sure, especially with your time, but if you have it in you, make it mother’s week. Maybe even Mother’s Month if you can remember that long.

This doesn’t mean nonstop mother worship 16 hours a day, no. Just small, kind things throughout the week or month are enough. Even a 5 minute gesture will mean a lot.

And, again, most people DO NOT do this, so it REALLY makes an impression.

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