Feeling suicidal? Androtics Suicide Prevention Program

Although we’ve been mostly been focusing on getting out A314 and Honesty to those in dangerous financial situations brought about by the COVID19 pandemic, we’ve been contacted by more and more people in dire emotional distress.

Did you know that it’s almost always some of the best people, the smartest, gentlest, and the most creative, who take their own life?

It’s true.

It’s literally the saddest thing ever.

All too often the person who takes their life is one of the last people that should’ve died prematurely.

Those with the most to give the world often hurt the most, too.

These are not just words. These are evidence based facts.

Sometimes the those with the most to give, also need to receive, too. 

Life is a two way street, but when you’ve been so used to giving, people might look over the fact that you need things, too. Many times they’ll just assume that you are “fine”, because you’ve been fine for so long.

Well, we may not have the resources of a company like Apple, but we’re not going to let you down. We know that you may not be “fine”, especially at a time like this.

While our original COVID19 assistance program covered only A314 and Honesty, with this new program we cover you if you have that unfortunate combination of emotional pain and financial pain at the same time. One of the very worst combinations there is.

If that describes you, and you’ve seen a formula or two here that you feel would help with your personal situation, then get in touch and it’s yours.

We’re not going to let good people die when we have something that can help.

We’re not going to stand on the sidelines and watch a horror show, starring a real live human being.

Yes, while we’re a small business that needs money to stay in business, and keep our employees paid, your life is worth more than a price. As long as we keep our own lights on, we’re not going to let money stand in the way of something that could possibly save your life.

Whether it’s the mood boosting properties of Shine, or something so you can connect more deeply with someone important in your life with another formula, if it’ll help, then it’s yours at whatever price you need, even if that number is $0 during this unusual time of crisis.

As time allows, we’re happy to give you some supportive words and assistance, too

Although most people keep such things secret, we’ll also add that most of our staff has been exactly where you are. We know pain, but we also know relief. That’s why, as long as you’re honest with us, we are here for you to whatever level you need. 

And if it hurts too much to reach out to suicide assistance in your area, then we’d be honored to research some of your local options, too, and get them in touch. 

We’re very serious about getting you the help you need, both from the palette of what we offer, and from the kind professionals and volunteers in your area, too. 

There’s a whole support system you probably don’t even know about. Let’s get you some of that support. Give you some love when the world itself doesn’t feel so loving.

Just please keep hanging in there. 

Honestly, it’s going to take some time for the world to heal. However, there’s a lot to do on a personal level in the meantime. There future still exists, and it can be a bright one. There is hope.  

So let’s smooth some of your personal hurts, and help make life an adventure worth having for you once more. 

We ARE here for you, and I'm 100% certain that if you are reading this, you ARE actually worth it. Yeah, you. So get in touch. You are important!

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