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Introducing the new Androtics’ atomizer bottle — tough stuff from Switzerland and France

Good news! As long time customers will be glad to know, all new and restocked spray-based formulas come in all the new, glass 10mL bottle. Just like the oil bottles, the top — the applicator spray head (atomizer) — comes from France. Some of the future glass shipments may come from Germany, but the current batch is made in Switzerland. Both are fine countries for glass production. All of the worlds most famous, clearest and strongest glass comes from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. From Leica, Carl Zeiss and Schneider camera lenses to Schott fine drinking glasses, all the way to these bottles, these countries do something with glass that nobody else seems to understand. They’re the true glass making experts...

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How to Slay Mother's Day! Part 1

Freaking out a little over what to do for Mom on Mother's Day? Fear no more, my friend. We have you covered with this huge list of ideas. You're sure to find one that works for your family!   So let's get down to business. First things first. Say this: “Mom, youre the best mom ever. Thank you for being there for me. I’m so lucky to have you” The most valuable thing to your mother or the mother of your children is your time, and your undivided attention Spend time with her. Really invest yourself 100%.Handle your the business on your phone first, then turn the thing off or put it into airplane mode, so it’s not a distraction.These...

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6 ways to keep New Year resolutions you almost never hear about

Making New Years resolutions may be easy, but keeping them is an entirely different story. Here are six tried and true strategies to keep your head in the game this new year. 1. Reframe behaviors you want to “stop” into things you can do. So many New Years resolutions revolve around reducing or stopping certain behaviors or habits. Say you want to stop smoking, stop eating certain types of food, text less, etc. The problem with this type of intention is that it’s in the negative. You can’t just “do” a negative. Real change needs an actionable goal stated in the positive. We need to know what to replace an unwanted habit with. Stop smoking = Take a breather. Stop...

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