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Androtics Research

We provide specialty chemicals, engineering and research services for the chemoreceptive sciences industry.

Some of the chemicals we can provide include:

Androstenol (Alpha androstenol)

Purity 98-99.8%, with an emphasis on the amelioration and/or elimination of lead, mercury and other production contaminants harmful to humans and animals. Quantities from 1g to 25kg (lead time 4-8 weeks) are available for both research and commercial production.

How pure are your androgens? Ultra-fine analytical equivalent grades now available as standards for comparative analysis and assay purity testing.

We have more related chemicals available and under development. Prepackaged consumer products also available. We can also design and produce your next human or animal pheromone related product! Write to sales @

Members of schools involved in chemoreception related research, please write to outreach @ For worthy projects, we'll provide the materials needed for your research completely at our own cost.

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